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(Archived) Evernote has buggy behaviour for saved search selection



Ok I'm new to these forums, I've searched around for a forum dedicated to reporting bugs and I haven't found one yet so I'm going to post the bug report here. If this is wrong place for this report, please let me know where I should be putting it.

The problem is as follows. Whenever I create a new saved search, the search that precedes the newly created search in the alphabetical order has a problem with selection. On trying to select the saved search, the selection jumps to the newly created search.

This problem only seems to occur after you have already created two saved searches.

So for example, if I already have two saved searches, 'First' and 'Last' and I create a new saved search called 'Zoo', then 'Zoo' will be created after 'Last' and I will have a problem selecting 'Last'. The selection will jump to 'Zoo'. As you add more and more saved searches you find that quite a lot of your saved searches have this buggy selection behaviour. You can get rid of offending saved searches with right-click and delete.

My OS is 10.7.4 and I'm using evernote 3.3.0.

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