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(Archived) Evernote clipper prompts for password for each clip


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I am using the free version of Evernote desktop (267864) and Evernote clipper on Firefox 15.0.1. Clipper was working just great until my granddaughter got on my computer and checked her Evernotes. Now each time I try to clip to Evernote, I am prompted for my Evernote password. This is highly inconvenient and is also counterproductive.

Third party cookies are enabled within FF and I have cleared the FF cache, but this situation persists. Can anyone please advise me on how to restore clipper functionality.

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I am disappointed that noone has posted a solution for this aggravating inconvenience. I have, never-the-less, resolved my issue. I performed many steps, so I am not exactly which of my actions or which combination of actions finally resolved this issue. I do know that I uninstalled the Evernote Clipper add-on from Firefox right after I first had the problem, then reinstalled it. At that time, the uninstall/reinstall had no effect. However, after repeating the uninstall/reinstall, I had success. In between the first and second instance , I cleared Firefox cache several times and may have received a Firefox update, but I don't think so. Anyway, I hope this helps someone to resolve this issue. I am sorry that I was not more diligent in recording my steps and results.

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