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(Archived) Safari Web Clipper reminder constantly reappearing


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This has been mentioned in passing in another thread () but it's become a stubborn, pervasive problem, so I'm raising it as a separate topic.

Safari web clipper doesn't seem to remember it's been installed. By which I mean, the icon remains in the toolbar, but every time Safari is launched afresh the "install Safari web clipper" Page appears (taking the limelight by becoming the focus tab, too). Every. Single. Time. Safari is launched… I am at the point of developing muscle memory to instantly close the tab every time I wants to use Safari for any purpose at all. It's insane.

In practical use the web clipper button never remembers me, asking me to login every time I try and use it and resetting the preferences I chose the previous time.

In terms of my setup, I did wonder whether this was something to do with sharing my ~Library/Safari folder via dropbox (which also includes the extensions etc.), but since upgrading both of my machines to Mountain Lion (10.8.2) I have done away with this setup. This folder has been checked for duplicates/conflicted copies, and the extensions all uninstalled and reinstalled again since the upgrade.

I had hoped that the next version of the web clipper would address this crippling problem, but I have installed the 5.7 beta and the problem remains.

I am running OS X 10.8.2, and Safari 6.0.1. I have a few other extensions running (1Password, AdBlock, Ghostery, Ultimate Status Bar, Shortly & ClickToPlugin).

I'm happy to try various fixes/go digging around looking for solutions, but I need some help from the Evernote team who know the ins and outs of how and why the reminder page is triggered to launch. What file is it looking for? Why does the web clipper not remember me between launches?

I'm all ears!


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The clipper saves a setting in localStorage. If you enable the Develop menu, then open the Clipper window and right-click on it and select "inspect element" (you'll need to restart Safari after enabling the Develop menu to get this option) , you'll get the inspector for the extension. If you click the little icon in the top left that looks like a stack of disks, you'll be able to look through everything that's in localStorage for the extension. There should be a value there called "introShown". If that value is present (and set to 'true') then the Clipper won't show the intro page.

If there's something preventing you from saving localStorage data, or another extension (maybe Ghostery?) is clearing it, it you're clearing it out yourself (clearing your cache may do this), then the extension loses all its settings and runs again as if it were installed for the first time.

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That's really helpful, thanks.

Going through those steps, I can see that the "introShown" is indeed set to "true"

I have disabled all extensions (except Evernote Webclipper) and the problem still occurs. What's next? Reset some elements of Safari?


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My guess is that when Safari is opened, the clipper opens the intro page and sets that value. Then, for the rest of the session, the clipper behaviors properly. But when you quit Safari, it fails to save the settings for the session and so the next time you open it, you start from scratch. My first guess would be to check the permissions for wherever Safari stores this data (on my machine, this seems to be ~/Library/Safari/LocalStorage). You could try running the "Verify Disk Permissions" and "Repair Disk Permissions" tools in Disk Utility and see if this makes a difference. You could also try deleting everything in ~/Library/Safari or ~/Library/Safari/LocalStorage and see if that will reset everything for you (it would also reset all your *other* Safari settings as well, so you may or may not want to try it).

That's where I'd start.

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Ok, when I get the time and the nerve to start deleting stuff from the Safari folder, I'll give this a go. I've repaired permissions and run Onyx and cleared out as many settings as I'm comfortable with losing so far... but it clearly needs more of a nuke to clear this up!

Will report back.



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