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(Archived) Skitch Image Ownership / Open / Edit under 2.0

Denise Hurd


Under 2.0 It seems that my iPad "owns" the image and note and I can't edit title / edit image / open etc. while using EN on my pc.

I use skitch several times a day between my phone and ipad - sync up to my computers for editing / filing etc. This would include changing the note title.

Under 2.0 - I have to use the device that created the image to edit the note title - wth?

I get an error - pic attached.

Right Clicking on the image on my pc does not bring up the same menu options as pics taken before this update. Previously I could open / edit / crop etc... and save back into the note.

Please fix. - It was working AWESOME before this change.

If it ain't broke...It don't need fixing.


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