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(Archived) Evernote Premium for College Promotion

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Hi. I recently signed up for Evernote under a free College Promo Offered several months ago. I now need to know why my account was recently downgraded from being a Premium Account under the promo, but recently received an email stating:

You are no longer a member of the Evernote group: Evernote Premium for College Promotion.

We transitioned your Evernote account from Premium to Free. All of the notes that you created while you were a member of the group are still available. Please be aware that certain Premium-only features have been disabled.

If you would like to upgrade to Evernote Premium, please click the link below: Learn about Evernote Premium

If you have questions about the status of Evernote Premium for College Promotion, please contact the group owner.

Thank you for using Evernote.

- The Evernote team

I need to know exactly why I received this message?

What or who do I need to contact in order to have my premium account restored as soon as possible?

Can anyone assist me with this issue?

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue with their EN acct? If so, what did you do in order to regain premium access under this offer?

Thanks in advance.


RoTimi W.

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(emphasis mine)

"This promotion is open to all US college and university students with a valid .edu email address on your Evernote account. After you complete the submission process we’ll review and approve the request. Once approved you’ll receive an email updating you of your account status. The sign up for the promotion is open from March 17, 2012 - April 25, 2012, subject to certain limits. This promotion runs through June 30, 2012 at which point your account will remain active and revert to prior subscription level before joining the promotion."

You can restore your premium status by upgrading to premium. (Click the link in your email.) It's $5/month or $45 annually.

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