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(Archived) Skitch 2.0 is no longer useful to me without "Snap Safari"


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Unfortunately, Skitch is no longer a useful tool with the removal of essential features such as (S)FTP uploads and capture of Safari web pages (the WHOLE web page with "Snap Safari") I may as well now use Mac OS X's built-in Grab.app tools (or the more convenient command-keys.) What a shame. Another piece of good software ruined.

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Hey all,

Currently 2.0 does not support the Safari capture option anymore due to restrictions to the way Apple treats apps downloaded from the Mac App Store. There is a security feature built into OSX called Sandboxing that essentially prevents one app from interfering with another. There are ways to work around this, but at this time we do not feel these workarounds provide a good user experience.

Bringing back full web page capture is something we want to do. We're currently investigating options for our own extension, better methods for working around sandboxing, and utilizing Evernote's own web clipper technology. We don't have an eta on any of the options, but trust me this is a very important feature that I would like to see return to Skitch.

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