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(Archived) BUG: command-e does not place selected text into find buffer



Pressing Command-E in Evernote does not place the selected text into the Find buffer. This is a standard feature available on nearly all Mac OS X applications. I use this feature throughout the day and I really miss it in Evernote.

Attached is an example of the missing menu item that as found in TextEdit.


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Interesting I've never used it before so I looked in iTunes, Finder, Reeder and couldn't find it. Mail and Chrome do support it though so I'm guessing 'standard' is a little of an exaggeration.

Could be useful though.

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It is indeed a standard feature of Mac OS X that has been present since OS X was called "NeXTstep".

Because newer application developers are not properly implementing the standard menu functions, does not make the feature itself any less "standard".

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