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(Archived) Skitch 2.0 is broken.

Duran Goodyear

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I'll simply link to the reply I made in another thread...


Please read this thread.

Evernote, as a paid customer of your product, you ruined Skitch.

As a paid customer, look at what my use cases are, and consider your paying customers as your best friends... not people you get to beat up like facebook does when you figure out another way to do something that is going to drive revenue for you.

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Oh, and its buggy.

I just took another screen capture of something, to test it out... and it kept things I had used on the previous screen capture.

I had typed some dummy text, and drew some lines, just to see how the tools work.

Then I took a brand new screen capture, and some of those things I drew on the previous image were still in the edit window, on top of my new image.... what?

Oh, and the delete button doesn't work, I had to press the backspace button... thats an extra 4 keyboard clicks of me thinking its even more broken then I originally thought.

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You've ruined Skitch - I suppose if you bought it you are entitled to mangle, distort, prune, constrain, and ruin Skitch, but it's virtually useless to me now, it's no more use than a OS screenshot - requires too many keystrokes, virtually no pref settings, and EVERYTHING has to go into Evernote? Really? That's your brilliant plan?


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I totally agree... Skitch is for me now an app without relevance - and I've used it since the beginning of dawn: From the beta-version until now.

Why did you do this with an almost perfect software?

The eye-dropper tool is missing, the ... well, don't get me started..! I'll rather spend time searching for a replacement.

"Disappointed!!!" (Gary Oldman in "Leon")

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Have to agree with you here - this is the sort of thing that makes me stop doing business with a company, I hate it when they remove features. It's bad business and whoever thought this was a good idea should be ashamed.

I hate to be a drama queen about it, but you all are quite right, the silence from Evernote is as bad as the app. I'd be happy to see a "we're sorry, we messed up, here's the old version back and we're going to the drawing board." Does Evernote utilize community beta testers for Skitch? Maybe it's time....

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I hate to pile on here, but the experience is so different now that I don't want to use it anymore. Nearly everything I used to do everyday using Skitch has changed in someway. I don't understand why that would happen. It's like going from a mechanical pencil to a crayon.

Is there a way to downgrade to the previous version?


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This has become quite the black eye for Evernote. Hopefully their silence means they are busy figuring out a way to rectify the situation and make the app back into something that will bring people into Evernote rather than push them away.

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  • Evernote Staff

Cross posting my other thread response here:

Wanted to drop in and mention we are actively monitoring all forum responses (and app store reviews) to the new Skitch apps, we're reviewing the issues users have with 2.0, and we are all ears. Thanks for your feedback thus far, and keep it coming.

For those of you who are looking to rollback immediately, we've included a download link for 1.012 on the main Skitch page here: https://evernote.com/skitch/

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Seriously what the hell.

You have completely ruined what i and probably alot of other users seen as the best app on the Mac.

Out utter annoyance i will be removing both Skitch and Evernote and will find an alternative, absolutly shocked at the lack of attention to what users actually wanted.

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I see they took a note out of the Skype book of making the interface better.

1. add lots of extra UI so it is big and clunky

2. remove features which we're really useful

3. Add 1-2 extra clicks to everything which used to be simple, elegant single clicks

Please put back the following:

1. hide from dock and just have it as a menu item

2. easily crop and resize an image by simply moving the edges or pulling the corner to resize

3. pick the file format

4. change the size of arrows & shapes lines

5. ctrl + 5 just did a screen capture, why do I now have to hit the "capture" button?

6. percentage resize option

BTW, does anyone have a link to the previousl 1.x version?

I do have to give a few props

1. pixelize is cool

2. marker is nice

3. don't have the huge file menu with way too much ***** in there.

I would still rather have the old skitch. I hope we don't have to spend 2 years complaining like the skype people while they stick thier fingers in their ears and keep telling us it is better

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Evernote - you screwed up. I agree with everyone here - you have RUINED Skitch.

Skitch was one of the sweetest jewels of productivity apps. You are damaging your whole brand as Evernote but this sort of revision.

Didn't you test it?

Did you read The Lean Startup and totally miss the point?

I'm a paying customer and have recommended you to so many people. Your Net Recommender Score has just PLUMMETED. My propensity to re-purchase is severely reduced.

Seriously bad move…..


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Within seconds of updating to this new version I knew it was a mistake. As a 20+ years Windows user (yes! from V1) Skitch was the product that convinced me that the Mac was a superior platform,

What a heap of junk.

Luckily I only updated my laptop and my desktop remains 'at large'.

Next stop - searching for a replacement and a reminder to myself to stop using Evernote too.

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  • Level 5*

Or you could just go back to the version you were using a few hours ago and give them a chance and see if they put back or improve some of the functionality that you need.

You will be no worse off than you were a few hours ago.

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Skitch 2.0 did not work on my MBP. Fortunately, I still have the download of ver 1.07 - the version I stated with prior to Evernote taking over - and installed it. I'm a happy camper now. Will never update Skitch again with out reading the reveiws first!!!!

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Evernote: Skitch sucks now and it used to be the king. I'm working on a technical ebook and used to use Skitch all the time. Just started up on a new chapter after the latest skitch update and what did I find ... *****.

I've just posted a review on the Mac App Store as well. You wont like.

Anyway, for all you skitch users that feel like you've been crapped on from a great height, I've just tried the free MonoSnap for the Mac. It's not bad - gets the job done, but not as good as the old skitch.

R.I.P Skitch

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Quick update: I have 2 Macs and one of them still had Skitch 1.xx.

It seems you can delete the new crappy skitch and copy the old fantastic skitch back.

Please Evernote, don't buy any more software products and "modernize" them.

And another thng, you really need to think long and hard about these responses. When your main product gets more competition and fades in popularity, you'll need other good products to fall back on.

Since Mountain Lion came out, I've stopped using evernote for note taking. The notes app in OS X, my iPad and iPhone have replaced evernote. Now you've screwed up so spectacularly with skitch, I don't really have any reason to consider your products anymore.

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Evernote what have you done?! I've never felt so truly sad about a piece of software in my life before. I loved Skitch. This new piece of @£!% with the same name is an embarrassment.

I've gone back to the proper Skitch (v1) and I'm keeping a backup of it in case they pull it completely.

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Yes... what a disaster the new Skitch is. Just thought I'd post my 'user experience' of the transition. Basically I 'upgraded' and found that when I tried to grab screenshots I had to take extra steps to 'capture' an image when it used to be so seamless and fast. Not only that... but no option to rename the file before drag? Where did my web history go? Why a full app icon & no option as menu bar? Share button? I tried to locate my screenshots but they'd gone - no history! I was asked to drag my old skitch images folder into the evernote app. So I tried that and then of course my evernote 'allocation' overloaded - oh I see you want to charge me now via evernote for taking screenshots? Why can't I just pay for a cool screenshot app and be done with it. Basically the experience broke everything I loved about skitch and made me dislike evernote.

Do they actually realise who/how people are using skitch? I use it predominantly to take fasts screenshots and annotate to share in email and on the web in blog posts with other people. Stop trying to mash the best screenshot mac on the app with all my screenshots into an evernote app that I only use to save receipts. I do get why you are trying to do this and had thought it was a good fit until today... but please don't create a sucky user experience or we'll all just leave and someone will build a new Skitch for the users you've alienated.

Thankfully I've reinstalled v. 1 again... but this time without any of my web history...

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*sigh.* Nothing to add here- it's just a shame, Skitch used to be elegant, fast... Now it's none of those, and it's a shame. I'm not sure what Engineer thought the new design was good, but it clearly WAS an engineer, not an actual user of the product. Engineers like buttons, switches and fiddly things- I want simple, fast and useful. Why do I need another dialog box after the snapshot, for example? Anyone?

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Let me add my cry of "what were you thinking!"

A beautiful, elegant, and frequently recommended app is now practically useless.

Please, please, please bring back

1. Easy resizing of text, arrows, lines

2. Resize by dragging the corners

3. Control - Shift - 5 to clip without having to confirm


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I only used Skitch on my iPhone and iPad to do quick markups of screen shots and it was perfect for that. I didn't need to "integrate" Skitch into Evernote. Adding a marked-up 'photo' (all a screen shot is) to a note in EN was simple enough. Besides just gutting Skitch, it's buggy in iOS Evernote.

What a waste. What were you thinking????

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I too am very dissapointed in Evernote for destroying a perfectly great user experience, interface and feature-set.

Why? Why? Oh Why? Evernote... it was PERFECT before... I was able to mark up almost anything with "just the right flexibility". Sometimes it helps to make the marker thicker or smaller... but it did not get in the way before as an interface element so there was no reason to "remove" that function? Was it too confusing to the average user or something?

If I was not surrounded by other adults right now I would cry. I'd be in tears were I to be surrounded by babies or small children at this moment.

I used to get excited about using Skitch and it solved a specific key issue I've had for years as a creative director of a small shop... the BEST tool I've seen yet and the big ole' Evernote elephant had to go and crush it with it's wide feet and causing a half-rate rebuild version.

My little Skitch heart ir broken... I would have PAID for this tool as it was just months ago... what a pity.

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As this thread are peoples complaints and in no way am I not saying that these complaints are not valid for the individual. For my purposes the program is easy to use and does exactly what I want it to do. Yes, I used the old version and I still use the new version. A few things are missing, but not any of that are harming my usage of the program.

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Couldn't agree more. Was a huge fan of Skitch and used since Beta. I once had a snappy and intuitive screen capture app that increased workflow. Now I've got a bloated pig with lost features that just wants to crash all the time. I could pick up my camera and take a picture of the screen faster than this thing takes to launch, snap and then crash. And why remove export to PDF? ARGH!!!!

Look what I found while looking for an alternative. A picture speaks a thousand words....


Well "helloooo" Captured

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OMG I downloaded the New Skitch 2.0 and it was amazing! There was this awesome tool that digitized  areas of my photos! And they got rid of all of those pesky tools like fill or those useless transparencies! And who really needs all of those extra sizes? Small, Medium, Big, who needs any more?

I used to use this simple software as a professional communications tool...it is now useless!  Sigh! back to the cumbersome  dredgery  of photoshop!

Curses Evernote!


Hey anyone out there with a good alternative to recommend... just don't tell these guys




Evernote is pretty good though


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@Coppercove - What specific features would you like to see come back?


We have transparency and fill on our backlog as features to bring back. There are currently 5 sizes available which is the same as the previous version. 

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Hey Joe,

I know it's not as easy as it sounds but

instead of trying to make Skitch into Evernote

why not just add an evernote log-in into the original Skitch.

and not sure if it's my limited knowledge but how can a capture program not have a freehand drawing mode?


edit: oops, adding evernote log-in to skitch is what you did before lol

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It looks like you answered your own question about login, which Skitch 2.x supports.


In regards to your "freehand drawing mode" are you specifically asking about the pen tool in Skitch?


Skitch has a freehand pen tool (available on all platforms) and can be found here: 13%209:20%20AM.jpg


Likewise you can create a blank canvas and also annotate it as you would like using our toolset. 


Is there something else you would like to see?

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