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Skitch 2.0 - Mac



Hi all,

I've been using Skitch almost since the day it came out, and I really like it. I use it to share/comment on ideas, teach people what to do, keep notes on something I need to remember for a short while, etc.

I've only used the new 2.0 version a couple of hours, but it looks like the new version has removed some of the best features.


  • Ability to set privacy options on images (and if they are indexed by google by default, that is even worse..)
  • Ability to auto copy URL on publish (preference to choose witch URL. Direct, web, etc.).
  • Ability to upload to FTP (one of the nicest features on Skitch. Please don't cripple this app to force people to pay for Evernote)
  • Press "alt" to change direction arrows
  • Preference to remove dock-icon, and only have menu-bar icon.
  • Ability to press "shift" to get timer countdown.

Nice new features:

  • Pixelate tool (time consuming to go into PS whenever that is needed)

Thank you for reading. :)

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Very disappointed in 2.0. I wish I could go back to previous version!

If you have Time Machine you can downgrade that way... that's what I just did.

I completely agree Duran and the OP, I use Skitch almost exclusively for the ability to upload screenshots super quickly to my own server and share them privately with my team members. Without that ability I will have to hold on to using old Skitch until I find something else. I can't believe this feature was removed.

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Latest version doesn't allow me the ability to save selections as PDFs. Why not?

Also, I'm no longer able to drag and drop selections to gmail emails in Chrome, Safari and FF. Big problem.

The forced merge with Evernote introduces lots of clutter to a previously simple and more useful app. Evernote integration/functionality should be optional.

I downgraded to the previous version and am happy again.

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I've also been using Skitch since it was released, and use it constantly. Not having a menu bar option, requiring it in the dock is a huge loss. Also, it seems that there are more steps involved to actually capture screenshots. The reason Skitch worked so well is that it was quick to access and use. I'm sad to say that this release negates those positive attributes.

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Evernote - Scrap version 2 - or make it beta - and make version 1 the "official" version until you get things right again. Absolutely atrocious "update."

Things I really miss in addition to things already mentioned:

--I often add white space to screenshots by clicking and dragging. This enables me to add text when there's not enough room on the screenshot itself and allows me to easily make tutorials

--Custom color picker and "eyedropper"-type color matching tool

--easy ability to change tool sizes (new method is incredibly awkward)

--THE SELECTION TOOL!!!!! It is ridiculously difficult to select individual elements by clicking on them without a dedicated selection tool.

On my Lion install, there are no snapping and drawing preference tabs - is that a bug or are the instructions for changing preferences not updated?

I also downgraded. For anyone having difficulty with Skitch 1 not respecting your preference to show only the menubar icon and not the dock icon under Lion, this worked for me (copied from https://getsatisfaction.com/rescuetime/topics/it_would_be_great_to_be_able_to_hide_rescuetime_from_the_dock). You'll need the ability to edit a property list:

--. Navigate to your Applications folder and right-click on the Skitch.app and select "Show Package Contents".

--. This should open a folder that contains a "Contents" folder, open that folder and you should see a list of folders and files including "Info.plist"

--. Double click on Info.plist to open it - it should open with the Property List Editor by default

--. Click the triangle next to "Root" and it should display the contents of the Info.plist file.

--. The setting we are interested is called "LSUIElement". This setting should be in the property list and should have a Value of 1 (hidden). If it has a value of 0, you can change it to 1 by double clicking on the value.

--. Close the Property List Editor and save the changes

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I had the same problem with Skitch 2.0.3 that I d-loaded from the Evernote site not quitting unless I force quit. 10.8.2

However, I just downloaded it from the Mac store (as was recommended) and it seems to quit correctly. I will let you know if It hangs up again.

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My Mac friends are quite upset over the removal of features. A primary use was to quickly post screenshots in forums and blogs, but without the ability to share to a server and copy the link for hotlinking the picture, the function is broken.

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I recently have bought into the Evernote ecosystem wholeheartedly for my note taking in my college classes but today's Skitch update is really awful, thanks for the zip of the old version I won't but updating until the app stops bothering me to upload my notes and allows me to use it from the menubar. I drag my screenshots into my Evernote notebook I don't need to save the pictures by themselves and I don't want to.

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I believe a lot of thinking and hard work went into this launch and usually I try to be appreciative and open-minded when it comes to updates to the products I use. But this one is just not doing it for me unfortunately.

I'm your premium subscriber and I used skitch.com for hosting, so I'm not very affected by the change, yet I do find the move itself to be quite in poor taste. You took 2 great free products that a lot of people had years to learn to depend on and merged them together in a very limiting way. Skitch was something you used without thinking. Its traffic was free and unlimited. You took it away.

I do feel personally affected by some other changes though. I actually paid for Skitch's premium account not long before you acquired them, so I could have direct URL to my image copied to the clipboard automatically. Sometimes it makes a lot of difference in the workflow. You took it away. And you did same for ability to pick my output format. And aiming for that small arrow in the corner of sharing icon is real pain. I almost sent my image by mail 3 times before I managed to aim well enough to see other options in that drop down.

Cropping and resizing feels much worse now. While older Skitch had somewhat childish interface and felt odd in native Mac OS environment, it made those things really smooth and almost intuitive.

I didn't have to make an extra click to activate crop tool and I definitely didn't have to drag each of 4 handles individually from the center of the image just to get them back to the edges of the original so I can start looking into what I want to leave out. Who said I want that small rectangle in the center? How often would this scenario actually happen? Why?

Resizing is even worse, because I need to activate the tool and then use small switcher to toggle cropping/resizing while it was a matter of using a simple handle before. And after this I'm getting a slider that's nowhere close to precise. I just couldn't get my picture to be 640px in width exactly. The slider suggested the numbers that were near that but never that. I could get the size right in a matter of seconds in older version. And if my hands were shaking too much to achieve the result for some reason, I always had advanced instruments in preferences where I could input exact numbers from the keyboard.

Everything just feels like more of a hassle, including the extra click/keystroke I now need to confirm my selection when taking a crosshair snapshot. But this move I can justify at least.

Why can't I choose the thickness of the lines and size of the text anymore? Paint bucket?

Removal of menubar icon? Why? At least integrate it into Evernote's clipper icon and let me get rid of the one in the dock. It has nothing to indicate, it's a satellite tool for Evernote, so there is hardly a reason for it to sit there, occupy the space and distract attention.

And I also have very mixed feelings on the new interface to be honest. It's much more clean for sure and blends into Mac OS much better but it seems to lack polish a bit. The shadow looks too strong for a light background and the 'drag me' handle does not feel like something you want to touch. It appears plain, thin and fragile. I somehow feel dark grey background for the 'Evernote' section (that btw fails to indicate the way to get back to editing an image) would work much better and provide contrast between tools, background and image that current implementation lacks.

To be honest, despite its quirky look Skitch 1.X was one solid application that did a lot of things right. It was fast, effortless and free.

If I were to ask something more, it would be:

  • ability to take screenshots of full page in the browser
  • alternative formatting styles (I know this look gives Skitch a character but sometimes you need things to be presented in a bit more serious manner)
  • ability to accept handwritten text from tablets
  • tighter integration with Evernote on Mac and iOS that would make basic editing of images within Evernote possible (iPhone image size please)

This update added pixelate tool that is acting funky (it looks fun but I could hide things with color before), removed dozen of features, made most basic tasks much more of a hassle and made whole app feel unstable and buggy. I'm trying to stay positive but this is something really hard to appreciate.

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I have to sign up here too! Normally I don't write in forums but I feel compelled to add my voice to this list. I am also a heavy Premium Evernote user, so Evernote please listen to us!!!

In my innocence I installed Skitch2.0 and was at first happy about the Evernote integration or until I tried to reuse my screenshots. In the previous Skitch version my snapshots that I had dragged into Evernote had a title e.g. "Chapter 3 - Gamification" but now all (yes, ALL) my snapshots are called... well, "SNAPSHOTS". How am I supposed to find anything anymore???

I also have huge sync issues on the computer where I opted to import older Skitch snapshots. Skitch on that computer is totally unusable as it brings an error message after every snapshot so I have no ideas if it has synced the old snapshots or not or how I can get rid of that message.

I am deinstalling Skitch2.0 and going back to the old version. Thank you for providing the link here.

Really hope Evernote fixes Skitch quickly and does not ruin Evernote.

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I just want to throw my hat in on the "this is crazy" bandwagon. Part of the core functionality for my use (and other users in our organization) is to take screenshots of as-yet-unreleased web sites and make them available internally via FTP. This is content that - quite simply - we CANNOT send out to some random server on the open Internet.

We will not be upgrading to 2.0 until this functionality is restored.

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Evernote, you've just destroyed my favorite app!!!!! I use it constantly... well, I did! I got scuppered at the first hurdle - you've removed the option to delay the screenshot to catch a pop-up menu. Essential feature in my line of work.

Thank you very much for the link to version 1. I'm going back until it no longer works, and then I'll move on to new software. Such a shame when great software gets ruined.

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Did anyone at Evernote actually research how people use this app before removing what I would consider (obviously not the authors) the core features.

Menu Bar Icon - this is absolutely essential.

Minimum number of clicks to grab part of the screen. - not a popup with a confirmation button.

Please note I don't use evernote and I don't want to (i use a more sophisticated document management workflow). I don't want to keep learning new interfaces and ways of using things for what is essential a simple application.

Old version is here if people need it... I did.


The developers have a short window in which a whole bunch of users will wait for fixes/updates to restore the functionality, otherwise I think many people will be looking elsewhere.

V2.0 fail +1

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I have to agree with everyone here.

I started using the old beta version of Skitch, and willingly paid for the premium version. I'm also a raving Evernote Premium user.

Frankly, I thought this would be a product marriage made in heaven...

On the contrary, this new version of Skitch reminds me of when you see two extremely attractive celebrates spawn unusually ugly children.

I am shocked, and dismayed every time I do a screen grab.

Although I could list all the things wrong with this product... it would be quicker and more satisfying to simply delete it and/or downgrade.

In my humble opinion, Evernote users (especially premium users) continuously take huge leap of faith in Evernote and the potential longevity of our relationship with the brand and service. After all, we are trusting you with our priceless data, memories and more.

And yet, Evernote chooses not to listen to its most loyal user base.

The forums are scattered with feature requests that go unanswered or even recognized. There are features true Evernote users have been begging for month and even years.

Your customers are practically begging you to have a longterm relationship... a reason to keep paying those annual premiums.

In the meantime, Evernote focuses on... $30 Moleskins?

That's a great idea if we have nothing on time on our hands... but come on - I have 6 apps on my iPhone to fill in the gaps left by the official iOS app.

Evernote, we are fans... passionate ones, but give use a little more to work with here - check in once and awhile and get our opinion.

Who know - you might be shock at what you will learn BEFORE releasing a half baked product.

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to bring to your attention Keith's post (found here: http://blog.evernote.com/2012/11/21/skitch-and-evernote-a-letter-from-keith-lang/) and my forum post (found here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/31839-hello-and-intro-from-head-of-skitch/) where we both address the rational behind Skitch 2.0.

We are actively working on bringing back many of the features from 1.X to 2.0. Many of these features remained on our roadmap, it was a matter of having time to role them out.

We are committed to making Skitch the best annotation program for visual communication available.

With future releases of Skitch we'll bring back many loved features in addition to addressing bugs, and introducing new features we think all Skitch users will love. If you read through Keith's blog, you'll see there is a very sound rational about why we made the changes and how we are moving forward. We believe Skitch is the best visual communication tool on any platform and we are committed to making it better.

So please keep the feedback coming and we'll continue to listen (we always are, even if we aren't responding) and determine the best next steps.

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Skitch 2.0 is driving me crazy.

For me the killer feature in skitch was the countdown screenshot by holding shift. It lets me make tutorials that include context menus and other things that are only available when you are interacting with the screen.

Thankfully I've found a copy of the old skitch online. I'll keep an eye on Skitch 2, but I won't be moving to it until they incorporate all the features of Skitch 1. I find it incredulous that they'd remove features in a newer version of the app!

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Guys--I want to ensure everyone has seen and checked out our latest public beta, located here: http://discussion.ev...a-announcement/

It's a serious update that needs your attention. We want your opinions and feedback.

We are asking for your feedback for Skitch for Mac v. 2.0.3. Please download the 2.0.3 version from the link below and then test it out. If you have any problems testing out the FTP function please let us know, if possible, what software your FTP server runs so we can try and narrow down the problems.

New Features available in this version include:

  • Create one custom color for annotation tools
  • Enhanced sharing options (There are several new Share URL options, including direct URLs)
  • FTP access <- Functions similar to 1.x. You’ll need to set the account information under preferences.
  • Auto copy of the URL to the clipboard
  • Increase in pen tool sizes
  • Count down timer for timed snapshots
  • New preferences - Including options to control the timed snaps and to use a URL shortener

We’ve also addressed quite a few bugs such as (but not limited to):

  • Saving Skitch image title changes when switching back to the Skitch Notes in Evernote gallery
  • Saving text when added to an image using the Text Tool and immediately sharing the note
  • Delete key starting new text entry
  • Saving while still typing text causing the text to disappear
  • Title changes not sticking on sync
  • Various instances were sync might fail
  • And lots of of other bugs.

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I agree this is a HUGE step in the wrong direction. Overall the UI feels more responsive and snappier, but it has lost so many tools!!!

My biggest gripes are:

- No Fill: Using fill to grey out parts of an image made things stand out so much more.

- Can't rename images: Much easier when viewing items as attachments.

- Only one brush size

As for the interface, I'm not hating here but the crop icon looks like some little android bug robot thing. Not super intuitive.

Also, why turn the brush / pen tool into two different tools when you could have left the highlighter option in with the color palette? You could have either left the brush size option in with the pen tool or added the fill tool in there.

I for one like the idea of stripping down a program for ease of use, but you guys took it a little too far.

I hope that either:

A) you're reading this and will fix some of these glaring issues

B) someone else is reading this who will capitalize on your mistakes!


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I just tried unsuccessfully to Paste to Evernote a simple, copied, annotated screen grab (thank you Skitch v1!) and "sync" it when EN crashed. Took me several tries and 10 minutes, all for nothing. I have been so disappointed in all the functionality I have lost since EN took over (broke) Skitch. I'm going to ditch Evernote as well. How an a UX team be so tone deaf about obviously useful features? I can only think it has to do with squeezing us into Premium ASAP. I'd do it but all the comments here seem to indicate that nothing would change for my application (i.e., mostly instant, picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words, tech support in a semi-private environment). Very sad. :(

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Very rarely voice my frustration, but Skitch upgrade is just awful

I'm always been a big advocate of the programme

But this new version removes most of the features that made Skitch special and set it apart from the regular mac keyboard shortcuts

Evernote normally get things so right, but this is so wrong

Thanks for providing a link to version 1... downgrading immediately

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I came close to installing the upgrade, but fortunately it did not work, I then read all the negative reviews and glad I did not.

I too would be disappointed to find many of the features that others are complaining about missing.

Skitch is an important part of my workflow, as is Evernote premium. I love them both so was initially delighted when I heard of the acquisition.

It seems Evernote missed the opportunity to maintain a light touch with integration which would have likely pleased all and instead went down a rather heavy handed and clumsy route in pursuit of a strategic goal that probably had some internal logic within the business but has missed the point as to what made Skitch great from a user perspective.

I have been a big promoter of both Evernote & Skitch in the past, introducing and recommending them to colleagues. Sadly I won't be so unequivocal in my praise going forward.

The reason this is serious for Evernote is it clear there has been an erosion of trust here felt by many loyal customers, me included. My hope is there is a lot of work going on by the folks at Evernote to fix this and they have the courage to modify their strategy. Communication is key here as confidence that the company will do the right thing, having customer interests at heart is key to adoption and retention of users for a product such as Evernote.

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I really really miss the old Skitch.

Specifically, my two main issues with the new version are:

1) I miss Skitch in my menu bar.

2) I use Skitch a lot with Podio - the old Skitch let me drag the image from Skitch to the Podio file uploader, and that feature no longer works, so I have to sync my En account, then click through to upload the screenshot...which wouldn't be a problem, really...except that:

***The image title is "lost" when it goes to Evernote - so instead of retaining the title I assigned & saved in Skitch, it gets stored in Evernote as "Screenshot 9/24/12 5:15PM" - and that is a little crazy-making.

So...can you bring back those features? Please? :)

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Wanted to drop in and mention we are actively monitoring all forum responses (and app store reviews) to the new Skitch apps, we're reviewing the issues users have with 2.0, and we are all ears. Thanks for your feedback thus far, and keep it coming.

For those of you who are looking to rollback immediately, we've included a download link for 1.012 on the main Skitch page here: https://evernote.com/skitch/

Thanks for the link and the response, gbarry, I think it'll please the masses to know you're seeing this.

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now i'm using both version 1 and 2 on my mac. version 2 is missing lots of features from version 1 and version 1 is not even working properly. this is ridiculous. i'm very disappointed by evernote. i can only think the purpose of evernote acquired skitch is to users increase their monthly data usage and move to premium account. :angry:

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Looking through your steps, I would say this was an error in Evernote 5.x, with 10.6.8 or some combination. Technically in either of our versions of Skitch when you copy & paste you're going through OSX's clipboard system and the snap should be a basic image getting handed from Skitch to the clipboard to Evernote. If you are using a third party tool like Quicksilver or Automator, then they too can be introducing a potential fail into the equation. If you see similar problems with Evernote 5.x then you should open up a technical support ticket with this issue so the problem can be tracked and potentially resolved.

As for Skitch we only support 2.x working on OS X version 10.7.4 and up.

If you don't mind, I'd like to hear more about what workflow you feel is different between versions. Please send me a private message with the details. Thanks.

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As a developer, I am sympathetic to the idea that people don't like change and that when you try to make improvements in software there are bound to be people who will complain no matter what. I have certainly been on the uncomfortable end of complaints about workflow changes that I have been involved with where I think that users didn't really understand the value of the change, or didn't give the new way a chance because they had a knee-jerk response against any kind of change.

I just want to caution you evernote / skitch admin folks against applying that reasoning to the outcry in this thread.

You didn't make progressive and useful changes to Skitch which people have yet to understand or give a chance to. You replaced Skitch with a wholly crappy screenshot application and then called it Skitch.

A few weeks ago, when I got my new retina MBP, since Skitch did not give me easily usable screenshots, I went shopping for a new screenshot app that would, and so I tried out most of the apps out there. While I ended up back with Skitch 1.x (using it with an external monitor so I can create usable screenshots without having to manually re-scale them) because none of the other apps were better, from a usability perspective and not in terms of comparison with Skitch 1.x but evaluated on its own, Skitch 2.0 compares VERY unfavorably with every single app I tried.

In other words, for me for now, Skitch 1.x with an external monitor still the best solution for me for making screenshots. After that, any of a number of the other apps I auditioned. Last place in my hierarchy of usefulness would be Skitch 2.0.

It really sucks. Really.

P.S. FWIW, I can sympathize with complaints about the enforced evernote integration, but I use and like evernote (although it seems to be getting a bit bloated lately...) and don't really mind that aspect for my own purposes.

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Is there a way to change the format of the image? Mine is stuck on png. Changing it was quite easy to do with the previous version, but I haven't found out how in the new one.

Capture > Menu Snapshot provides a countdown, but it is apparently triggered by pulling down a menu. The previous version allowed you to have a countdown for ANY purpose -- it wasn't limited to menus. I used it just yesterday to hover and display a tooltip before taking the shot. Now it seems to be impossible to accomplish that.

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I just read TechCrunch's comments on the Skitch update: "

Nor can you choose the file format for your screenshots anymore (it’s .png or nothing)."

Evernote, you've got to be kidding. You have taken a unique, useful app and made it just like a dozen other screenshot utilities. You should have renamed it.

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I really don't understand how this update was even possible. It just speaks so loudly to the complete and utter disregard to the customer base for Skitch.

I don't think I have ever been this disappointed and truly angered by a developer. This came out of nowhere. Yesterday, I'm working very efficiently on images for our Web site, and today I log on and literally ALL the features that matter to us are gone.


  • No drag to resize.
  • No ability to export to another format.
  • No ability to drag to crop.
  • No fill

I mean these are "core" features are they not? One of the major selling points was, "look how easy it is to crop, resize, and export". The speed of use. All of that is gone? And for what? So it looks more like the iOS version?

This is actually souring me on Evernote as a company. Who know what they'll do to Evernote? Maybe they'll decide to stop allowing PDF and only use their own file format. It's crazy, but so was this. We've all seen companies do dumb things in products, but I've never seen anything like this. It's really Skitch in name only. What made Skitch Skitch is gone.

The only consolation is that you can still download the old version around the web and from their site... for now.

Skitch 1.0.11 http://bit.ly/RvFw08

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Wanted to drop in and mention we are actively monitoring all forum responses (and app store reviews) to the new Skitch apps, we're reviewing the issues users have with 2.0, and we are all ears. Thanks for your feedback thus far, and keep it coming.

For those of you who are looking to rollback immediately, we've included a download link for 1.012 on the main Skitch page here: https://evernote.com/skitch/

Thanks for the link and the response, gbarry, I think it'll please the masses to know you're seeing this.

Hey themensch - Thank you for the link back to 1.0.12, I could only find 1.0.11 in my back ups.

So how bad is the response to the Fabulous New Skitch 2.0 that only days after the big rollout ~ Ta Da! ~ Skitch has to post a link back to the 'unimproved' version right on the front page?

I really do not understand their thinking.

Skitch 2.0 sucks in general, not just sucks severely in contrast to the 'real' Skitch - I mean as it stands it does so little that it functions not as a real application but as more of a plugin or extension/addon to Evernote.

Why not keep Skitch as the full featured much-loved app it was & call this 2.0 thing the Skitch plugin to Evernote, offer it as an an enhancement to Evernote for people who aren't using Skitch, or, add the new Evernote-centric features to the old real Skitch? Then you have 2 valuable apps, not 1 valuable app plus a limp add on.

I understand that they Evernote-centric in their thinking but why purchase something of value only to degrade it?

ADD the Skitch value to Evernote, don't obliterate Skitch!

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I trashed 2.0 and brought back the old version thanks to Time Machine. I also sent a message to Evernote via Skitch > Provide Skitch Feedback.

Maybe there's some hope Evernote will understand how bad this update is. They're getting trashed on Twitter. TechCrunch's article is titled "When Updates Make Things Worse: Evernote's Skitch 2.0."

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I concur with scores of others expressing their frustration, bewilderment, anger, disbelief, and pretty much everything except appreciation. Everyone has already added what's wrong, what got removed, what's missing, etc. so I won't repeat it. I just wanted to toss in my 2¢ to request the old functionality back, especially the ability to post to FTP/sFTP. I also want to choose whether my Skitches are saved to Evernote. I'm a premium Evernote member, as are a lot of folks here, so it goes without saying that I love Evernote, but I don't want all my Skitches there. It should be our choice.

I do appreciate @gbarry saying they are listening to us and checking out the iTunes reviews. I've seen several blogs about it, but this one from Engadget asking about Skitch replacements caught my eye: http://www.engadget.com/2012/10/27/ae-skitch-replacement/

Please, Evernote powers-that-be, please bring back the Skitch we know and love. Adding functionality is ok. But please don't take it all away. Thanks for listening.

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I'm a long time user and fan of skitch. I even purchased the app. Now evernote made this app/service trashed.

So i downloaded the old version 1.0.12 and suddenly "Share Note Link - Click to Copy" is not working.

I'v checked with different Macs and all same.


To be grudgingly fair, there have been OS updates to Mac since Evernote "created" Skitch 2.0, and because Evernote stopped supporting/updating Skitch 1.0.12 it's possible that the changes in the Mac OS are responsible for Share, Copy Link not working any longer. This may continue to happen to other features after each Mac OS update.

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Just a me too. "Dowgraded" to V2.01 and immediately "reupgraded" to V 1.0.12.

V1 was a productive tool, V2 is a toy. :angry:

Whoever was in charge for this redesign hopefully starts accepting the reality, that this was a move in the wrong direction. The simplified GUI just doesn't cut it, it is not very intuitive. I still don't know how to alter line weights, set default font size, undo pixelation to just name a few, not to re-mention all the things that have been removed.

Go back to the drawing board and start from scratch. Just re-adding a couple of V1 features doesn't help.


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Well, Evernote has an opportunity here to fix this and come out on the other side looking better than ever. I think most people can forgive a miscalculation, as long as they hear the users concerns and fix what's wrong, all will be better than ever. I have enormous good will toward companies that ***** up, but then do what it takes to make it right.

If not, if they try to convince us that the reduced feature shadow of a product is good enough, then there are going to be a lot of disillusioned customers.

Seriously Evernote, this is a defining opportunity to do the right thing. Trust me, there's a bigger upside down that road.

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Well, Evernote has an opportunity here to fix this and come out on the other side looking better than ever. I think most people can forgive a miscalculation, as long as they hear the users concerns and fix what's wrong, all will be better than ever. I have enormous good will toward companies that ***** up, but then do what it takes to make it right.

If not, if they try to convince us that the reduced feature shadow of a product is good enough, then there are going to be a lot of disillusioned customers.

Seriously Evernote, this is a defining opportunity to do the right thing. Trust me, there's a bigger upside down that road.

I agree. As Steve Jobs said, if you don't fail on occasion, you're not trying hard enough.
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