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Skitch 2.0 - Mac



Hi all,

I've been using Skitch almost since the day it came out, and I really like it. I use it to share/comment on ideas, teach people what to do, keep notes on something I need to remember for a short while, etc.

I've only used the new 2.0 version a couple of hours, but it looks like the new version has removed some of the best features.


  • Ability to set privacy options on images (and if they are indexed by google by default, that is even worse..)
  • Ability to auto copy URL on publish (preference to choose witch URL. Direct, web, etc.).
  • Ability to upload to FTP (one of the nicest features on Skitch. Please don't cripple this app to force people to pay for Evernote)
  • Press "alt" to change direction arrows
  • Preference to remove dock-icon, and only have menu-bar icon.
  • Ability to press "shift" to get timer countdown.

Nice new features:

  • Pixelate tool (time consuming to go into PS whenever that is needed)

Thank you for reading. :)

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I have to concur.

The new skitch breaks some of the *CORE* functionality I came to expect, and rely on DAILY from the product.

This new version is a significant regression in functionality and quality.

1. My LARGEST complaint, is that you removed the functionality that lets me push a screenshot/snip up to my own sFTP/FTP target. For my internal work needs, where I need to share things in a semi private manner it was an amazingly useful feature for me to be able to take a capture, drop an arrow on it, and in 15 seconds have that up on a URL that I can share with someone.

http://myfakedomainname.com/filename+timestamp+applicationname.png <-- something like this was what I could then share with my clients, or coworkers! This was an amazingly simple feature that uses MY bandwidth the way I want to use it, and keeps *MY* name (the domain name) in the context. I then, personally could worry about removing, editing, archiving, deleting the old images, how ever I wanted.

By forcing me to share content via evernote, you've removed an incredibly simple tool that leverages the most basic functionality of the web... 'sharing a URL with someone'. And no, YOUR URL, doesn't count. I don't want to see evernote's bloated URL (which is useless for plain english parsing) and evernotes website... My clients don't want to see it, and I have ZERO interest of it living indefinately on your servers just so you have some permanant track record of everything I've uploaded. I'll use evernote if I want that (and for evernotes use cases, I do, but not skitch).

Now I'm forced to upload to evernote if I want to get a quick URL to share with someone. I pay you a monthly fee so I *DON'T* have to worry about this. Not because I want something free, and I'm going to -deal- with the functionality you force on me.

This alone completely breaks Skitch for me.

If you simply added back the "upload to sFTP/FTP" capability from the previous version, and left everything else you've added, I'll be satisfied.

2. Editing tools.

Why did you remove the simple "click to select, so you can delete or move things".

The new "blur" tool is nice, I like that. But once you place it, I can't figure out how to move it, or remove it.

In comparison, the line drawing tool can be clicked on after the fact, to move or delete what you just drew.

This is broken, and makes no sense.

3. There's also no way to change the line weights or font size anymore.

I'm not expecting photoshop, but sometimes you need to have smaller, or larger elements.

4. The top OSX menu bar icon. You removed it... why?

5. I'm sure there's other things that I haven't noticed yet that are going to bother me just as much...

This is a huge step backwards for what was an amazing product that I used MANY times through out the day.

I'm actively looking for a replacement now.

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Very disappointed in 2.0. I wish I could go back to previous version!

If you have Time Machine you can downgrade that way... that's what I just did.

I completely agree Duran and the OP, I use Skitch almost exclusively for the ability to upload screenshots super quickly to my own server and share them privately with my team members. Without that ability I will have to hold on to using old Skitch until I find something else. I can't believe this feature was removed.

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I've also been using Skitch since it was released, and use it constantly. Not having a menu bar option, requiring it in the dock is a huge loss. Also, it seems that there are more steps involved to actually capture screenshots. The reason Skitch worked so well is that it was quick to access and use. I'm sad to say that this release negates those positive attributes.

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My Mac friends are quite upset over the removal of features. A primary use was to quickly post screenshots in forums and blogs, but without the ability to share to a server and copy the link for hotlinking the picture, the function is broken.

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I recently have bought into the Evernote ecosystem wholeheartedly for my note taking in my college classes but today's Skitch update is really awful, thanks for the zip of the old version I won't but updating until the app stops bothering me to upload my notes and allows me to use it from the menubar. I drag my screenshots into my Evernote notebook I don't need to save the pictures by themselves and I don't want to.

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I believe a lot of thinking and hard work went into this launch and usually I try to be appreciative and open-minded when it comes to updates to the products I use. But this one is just not doing it for me unfortunately.

I'm your premium subscriber and I used skitch.com for hosting, so I'm not very affected by the change, yet I do find the move itself to be quite in poor taste. You took 2 great free products that a lot of people had years to learn to depend on and merged them together in a very limiting way. Skitch was something you used without thinking. Its traffic was free and unlimited. You took it away.

I do feel personally affected by some other changes though. I actually paid for Skitch's premium account not long before you acquired them, so I could have direct URL to my image copied to the clipboard automatically. Sometimes it makes a lot of difference in the workflow. You took it away. And you did same for ability to pick my output format. And aiming for that small arrow in the corner of sharing icon is real pain. I almost sent my image by mail 3 times before I managed to aim well enough to see other options in that drop down.

Cropping and resizing feels much worse now. While older Skitch had somewhat childish interface and felt odd in native Mac OS environment, it made those things really smooth and almost intuitive.

I didn't have to make an extra click to activate crop tool and I definitely didn't have to drag each of 4 handles individually from the center of the image just to get them back to the edges of the original so I can start looking into what I want to leave out. Who said I want that small rectangle in the center? How often would this scenario actually happen? Why?

Resizing is even worse, because I need to activate the tool and then use small switcher to toggle cropping/resizing while it was a matter of using a simple handle before. And after this I'm getting a slider that's nowhere close to precise. I just couldn't get my picture to be 640px in width exactly. The slider suggested the numbers that were near that but never that. I could get the size right in a matter of seconds in older version. And if my hands were shaking too much to achieve the result for some reason, I always had advanced instruments in preferences where I could input exact numbers from the keyboard.

Everything just feels like more of a hassle, including the extra click/keystroke I now need to confirm my selection when taking a crosshair snapshot. But this move I can justify at least.

Why can't I choose the thickness of the lines and size of the text anymore? Paint bucket?

Removal of menubar icon? Why? At least integrate it into Evernote's clipper icon and let me get rid of the one in the dock. It has nothing to indicate, it's a satellite tool for Evernote, so there is hardly a reason for it to sit there, occupy the space and distract attention.

And I also have very mixed feelings on the new interface to be honest. It's much more clean for sure and blends into Mac OS much better but it seems to lack polish a bit. The shadow looks too strong for a light background and the 'drag me' handle does not feel like something you want to touch. It appears plain, thin and fragile. I somehow feel dark grey background for the 'Evernote' section (that btw fails to indicate the way to get back to editing an image) would work much better and provide contrast between tools, background and image that current implementation lacks.

To be honest, despite its quirky look Skitch 1.X was one solid application that did a lot of things right. It was fast, effortless and free.

If I were to ask something more, it would be:

  • ability to take screenshots of full page in the browser
  • alternative formatting styles (I know this look gives Skitch a character but sometimes you need things to be presented in a bit more serious manner)
  • ability to accept handwritten text from tablets
  • tighter integration with Evernote on Mac and iOS that would make basic editing of images within Evernote possible (iPhone image size please)

This update added pixelate tool that is acting funky (it looks fun but I could hide things with color before), removed dozen of features, made most basic tasks much more of a hassle and made whole app feel unstable and buggy. I'm trying to stay positive but this is something really hard to appreciate.

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I just want to throw my hat in on the "this is crazy" bandwagon. Part of the core functionality for my use (and other users in our organization) is to take screenshots of as-yet-unreleased web sites and make them available internally via FTP. This is content that - quite simply - we CANNOT send out to some random server on the open Internet.

We will not be upgrading to 2.0 until this functionality is restored.

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Skitch 2.0 is driving me crazy.

For me the killer feature in skitch was the countdown screenshot by holding shift. It lets me make tutorials that include context menus and other things that are only available when you are interacting with the screen.

Thankfully I've found a copy of the old skitch online. I'll keep an eye on Skitch 2, but I won't be moving to it until they incorporate all the features of Skitch 1. I find it incredulous that they'd remove features in a newer version of the app!

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Is there a way to change the format of the image? Mine is stuck on png. Changing it was quite easy to do with the previous version, but I haven't found out how in the new one.

Capture > Menu Snapshot provides a countdown, but it is apparently triggered by pulling down a menu. The previous version allowed you to have a countdown for ANY purpose -- it wasn't limited to menus. I used it just yesterday to hover and display a tooltip before taking the shot. Now it seems to be impossible to accomplish that.

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I just read TechCrunch's comments on the Skitch update: "

Nor can you choose the file format for your screenshots anymore (it’s .png or nothing)."

Evernote, you've got to be kidding. You have taken a unique, useful app and made it just like a dozen other screenshot utilities. You should have renamed it.

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I really don't understand how this update was even possible. It just speaks so loudly to the complete and utter disregard to the customer base for Skitch.

I don't think I have ever been this disappointed and truly angered by a developer. This came out of nowhere. Yesterday, I'm working very efficiently on images for our Web site, and today I log on and literally ALL the features that matter to us are gone.


  • No drag to resize.
  • No ability to export to another format.
  • No ability to drag to crop.
  • No fill

I mean these are "core" features are they not? One of the major selling points was, "look how easy it is to crop, resize, and export". The speed of use. All of that is gone? And for what? So it looks more like the iOS version?

This is actually souring me on Evernote as a company. Who know what they'll do to Evernote? Maybe they'll decide to stop allowing PDF and only use their own file format. It's crazy, but so was this. We've all seen companies do dumb things in products, but I've never seen anything like this. It's really Skitch in name only. What made Skitch Skitch is gone.

The only consolation is that you can still download the old version around the web and from their site... for now.

Skitch 1.0.11 http://bit.ly/RvFw08

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I trashed 2.0 and brought back the old version thanks to Time Machine. I also sent a message to Evernote via Skitch > Provide Skitch Feedback.

Maybe there's some hope Evernote will understand how bad this update is. They're getting trashed on Twitter. TechCrunch's article is titled "When Updates Make Things Worse: Evernote's Skitch 2.0."

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Skitch was my most used app, and my highest recommendation for my clients to use for sheer simplicity. This update does strip away some of the core features which were great. I use this app as a support and sharing app to help explain points. I do not use this for noting things for future reference.

  • Direct syncing to Evernote is not useful and just take up space on Evernote.
  • The lack of choosing a compressed .jpg is really terrible because now it increases the upload time to CloudApp or email, and increases the download time for the person receiving the file. It also makes sharing on 3G or 4G mobile internet take up more data on upload. For someone who uses Skitch a dozen times per day or more, this is considerable.
  • The direct dragging and cropping just felt a little better than what it is now.
  • The lack of a toolbar icon and space on the dock is such a step backward.

But my positive feedback is that the file creation part is smoother and allows for direct dropping into CloudApp/dropplr. This is great!

The capture method and resizing prior to capture feels really nice.

The pixelation feature is great too.

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Been using skitch since beta, I cant say too much more than what was said here but you took all the unique minor UI concepts that made skitch amazing and easy to use and you churned out this chunky abomination. I have downgraded and hope you have the decency to keep supporting the old version.

I dont understand why a company takes something perfectly good and trashes it in the name of change. Are your developers that scared of being made redundant they feel they should keep programming if even for the worse? I mean look at the preferences for the new version its 2 tabs and one of these only has a checkbox, alarm bells should have rang then.

-No option to keep it in menu bar only despite it being a lightweight utility.

-No longer able to drag images onto canvas, must be "opened" via menus

-No longer able to click to resize 1.1 and see on your screen pixel for pixel on your screen how big itll be when you export.

-No more FTP support (not selling enough premium memberships?)

-Buttons are not larger and more obnoxious and there are fewer of them.

-No longer able to capture a webpage from safari in it's entirety without scrolling with a single click (this itself is VERY valuable to many and is the sole purpose of a few apps)

I'm glad louder voices than mine feel the same way: When Updates Make Things Worse: Evernote’s Skitch 2.0

Look at what you released and compare it to the following, there is so much more utility and power in the old version and it does it from an un-intrusive menubar icon:


I'm actively looking for a replacement now.

I am using the old one at the moment unfortunately there was nothing comparable software to skitch which why it WAS so amazing. Hopefully someone takes advantage of this and brings it back with better support for 10.7.2.

I think Evernote do great work though but for some reason no company seems to immune to "fixing things that work great" in this manner. Thanks for listening to our voice guys, ill always remain a premium evernote subscriber and had no qualms with my photos being uploaded to evernote however this should not be the sole method.

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The 2.0 update is a joke right? It's Evernote's April Fools, has to be. Oh wait, it's ***** September, not April :P

A major version upgrade normally signifies an update, enhancement, improvement, and potentially re-envisioning the UI. Skitch 2.0 though only fits the re-envisioned UI part of that, as it is effectively:

- A downgrade instead of an update.

- Almost all features have been removed instead of enhanced or new features added.

- A much worse product, rather than an improved product.

But if I'm gonna be geeky about it, at least they're following semantic versioning, which states that major version should only change when you break backwards compatibility. Which they've done, in the most horrible way possible.

I can somewhat understand removing FTP/sFTP support, since Evernote wants to pay the bills, but it's still very annoying when you've come to rely on that feature for the past 5 years or so since the first Skitch beta was released. However, forcing it to run in the Dock with no option for menubar, removing all but the most basic editing features, and changing the ones that are left so they're almost unusable. And what the hell happened to preferences?

The only way I can explain this, is that someone with decision making power has completely lost it and needs to be fired. Or for whatever reasons an internal deadline for Skitch 2.0 release was set at some point in the past, probably without feedback from the Skitch team about when a 2.0 would be realistic. Come deadline the team were simply forced to ship anything that wasn't completely broken, leaving us with only a handful of the original features, in an almost unusable state.

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I totally agree... Skitch is for me now an app without relevance - and I've used it since the beginning of dawn: From the beta-version until now.

Why did you do this with an almost perfect software?

The eye-dropper tool is missing, the ... well, don't get me started..! I'll rather spend time searching for a replacement.

"Disappointed!!!" (Gary Oldman in "Leon")

OK - Crossposting, I know - but I'm pi$$ed...

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I don't really understand.

Who made this decision to ***** up Skitch?

You put your wise hads together and thought that yeah, let's ***** this wonderful app.

Now I need to pray someone will come up with as good as an app than what Skitch used to be.

I know for a fact that the folks at Evernote will not be reversing their decision. I don't expect them to.

I have always hated Evernote, I don't have any use for it, and I have loved Skitch.com. The simplicity of it is awesome and creating quick thumbnails for forums etc. was a joy.

I also was a paying customer of Skitch when they introduced the Plus version. I bought 2 years of it on the spot.

And this is how I was treated. Or we were.

Thank you.

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Skitch Hell....

Oh dear, I was so looking forward to two of my most important tools talking to each other. Skitch & Evernote

Shock horror what have you done.

The worst app update ever, shows a complete lack of respect for those users who have been there since the beginning and have taken skitch right into the heart of our work process!

Whats the best alternative I need to start looking now.

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Hear hear. I absolutely LOVED Skitch. It was one of those apps that you could describe as “A true Mac-app” since it does what you expect is does. Expecially the “Export as [pdf/png/jpg/etc]” was fantastic. Also it looked really good and playful.

Now it's all ‘clean’ and intimidating and tons of features are missing.

Dear Evernote, I understand that you want to push Skitch users to use your services. That's all fine and stuff and I really think you could merge a lot, but now you're just breaking stuff. Skitch was prefect since I was a beta-tester. Now I could cry.

You have killed Skitch and replaced it with a different program. And I hate it. Please bring my old Skitch back.

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Skitch 2.0 thumbs down!

I upgraded… checked it out. Didn't find anything but the message "made for unprofessionals" and "newcomer". This update disregards all the power-user being project manager, software-architects and so forth that used the product to communicate and annotate Designs etc.

Then it disregards everybody that where using Skitch with FTP. I had Skitch as part of my workflow and uploaded screens to my server containing a PHP based viewer (including short URLs and much more).

I downgraded… and this will stay this way until Skitch Pro 2.0 is relased or somthing similiar is done that restores the functionality. I also really missed the different sizes of arrows and text etc.



PS: I must agree on a previous comment "why did evernote buy Skitch?". The current Skitch is so basic that it doesn't justify the purchase they could of done it by themselves. If it was because of the brand Skitch built up... that is based on its userbase. So this updowngrade makes no sense to me. It's like if Microsoft would buy Evernote and remove all the premium features and the API.

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I've used Skitch for 2 years, and advocated it to several people (5-6 in my company).

I've also used Evernote.

I am a PAID customer for both.

This "update" is the worst thing it could happen to Skitch.

An ill-thought attempt to bind it with Evernote.

If all you wanted was a sub-par annotation tool to work with Evernote, you could make your own in a few months. You didn't have to mess up Skitch.

I don't have a problem with the redesign because it looks different or anything.

I DO have a problem with the removed functionality -- and with the thinking (?) that went behind it.

What was the idea?

"Let's fix a few UI issues and in the process TAKE AWAY TONS OF features, and they'll love it because it would have the Evernote logo"?

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  • Level 5*

I'm not a heavy Skitch user so most of these changes have little impact on me and I can understand the drive to push users towards using Evernote for storage instead of Skitch but removing the option to use your own storage just seems pretty dumb to me.

I'm seeing this app being talked about a fair bit today - it doesn't have the markup features of Skitch but it does have screen capture and your choice of where to upload to - http://www.capturedapp.com

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Just adding my .02: I have been using Skitch since earliest beta. Version 2.0 is not just a step backward, it's a totally different, VASTLY inferior app. It has nothing to do with Skitch, other than slapping the name "Skitch" on a completely different and pretty crappy and limited screenshot app.

Honestly, it's pretty shockingly bad.

The right direction for an upgrade would have been to keep all the existing great features - e.g. being able to FTP to any server, being able to quickly choose among many different image formats for what you drag out of the window, etc., and make the UI less cartoonish and more mac-ish, and FIX the broken stuff like there not being any way to automatically re-size retina screenshots so they are immediately usable in web and email without having to do manual re-sizing.

Instead we get a new app altogether that kills many of the killer features that people depend on, leaves the broken stuff broken, and somehow manages to become an even clunkier UI. Nice work.

I downgraded via Time Machine and am now actively looking for a new screenshot utility that will give me the features and ease of use that Skitch used to, prior to v 2.0.

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I know there's a lot of folks upset by this upgrade, and I agree. Skitch was fairly elegant if crowded in its interface before, now it's just...clunky. More steps to do the same tasks as before, no menubar option, stuff like that. Removing functions is a pet peeve of mine, and this was done in spades in the 2.0 release

I've been a supporter of Evernote and Skitch for a good long while, and I agree that this is really disappointing.

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Ratings in MAS this morning:


The Average Rating for All Versions includes the 2.0 ratings. Therefore, the versions prior to 2.0 had 441 five-star ratings and 64 one-star ratings.

This is the most drastic change in an app's ratings I've ever seen in MAS.

(Rebelliously shot with v1.0.12 and uploaded to skitch.com.)

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This 2.0 is a total disappointment. Grey the entire screen to make screenshot? WTF? And the "pixel magnifier" is gone. I'm not talking about advanced features that are now gone. Usually 2.0 means new and better. This is not "Skitch 2.0" at all, but "Evernote Screenshot 0.5 alpha" or something. How exactly crippling a useful tool promotes Evernote service? A FAILURE

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Could someone please give me a link to 1.0.12 (or later if that exist?), because the newest one I am able to find is 1.0.11 - and if I remember correctly there were some fixes for the retina macbook pro in 1.0.12

Either post here or through pm.

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I hardly ever post comments on a forum but the new Skitch has totally changed my workflow for the worse and it was worth my time to give feedback.

Things that suck

  • Not able to snap a webpage anymore! This was one of the awesome features of the old Skitch. In just a few seconds, I could snap a URL (or snap from Safari), edit it, send it to clients or save to my premium Evernote account. Deal killer for me. Might have to go back to LittleSnapper but Skitch was so much easier.
  • No more (s)ftp uploads - I used this quite a bit and now I have to add more steps to my workflow
  • Removal of Skitch from the menu bar - I used to be able to click the icon on the menu bar, pick my snapshot type (usually Snap from Link) and go. Now I have to leave Skitch open in my dock cluttering the rest of my dock.
  • Interface change - sure the old one didn't have the "corporate" feel but that's what made it fun to use. The old Skitch was more intuitive - easy to use for anyone. New interface? Dull, boring, and blah - it sure doesn't make me want to show it off to anyone.
  • Everything is a png now??? Where's the ability to pick the file type (jpg, pdf, svg, tif, gif, bmp). So now to make a pdf or any other file type I have to add more steps to my workflow?
  • Removal of undo button - sure I can just CMD-Z but was it that much in the way?
  • Removal of watermark - why? Yes - it was a pain to have to go into settings and add/delete the watermark text based on if you wanted to use it or not - a button or menu option would have been great - but at least I had an option. Now I don't.
  • Removal of Add Shadow to image, Flip Image, Rotate Image - commands I used all the time - now gone. More added steps to my workflow.
  • Removal of background choices - sigh!
  • No countdown feature - useful option when I needed it - now gone from everywhere but snapping a "menu".

Things that don't suck

  • New cropping tool - awesome!
  • Ability to click and resize shapes - another awesome!

The fact that the suck list is longer then the non-suck list has caused me to revert back to the old Skitch - all the extra workflow isn't worth a better crop or shape.

I love you Evernote. You made my life more efficient but I am so disappointed in the choices you made on this Skitch update. It's inexcusable.

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OH MY GOD SKITCH is broken... dead, gone... it's become another "application" instead of that genius little clever tool !

I'm VERY VERY VERY disappointed by this update.

I was sooo thrilled to have found skitch early in it's days !

As soon as it became available I purchased the max of SKITCHplus option, I really wanted to give something to these guys so they can keep developing this GREAT GREAT GREAT tool... and as much as I understand that one sells their project (I wish I had one to do so... ), this result is a development in a very bad direction !

so many lost features / so inelegant and clumsy now....

- no easy scaling by changing the size of the window !! that was so nice with the % and the file size indicated right there !!!!!

- together with the button for the 100% or scaled drag the above was perfect / intuitive ... easy, quick

- and cropping - NOOO another "tool" that requires 3 extra clicks... why on earth did you give up the dragging of the edges... that WAS so brilliant, easy quick intuitive...

now I have to

1) click the tool

2) in at least 50% of the cases or more I have to change from size to crop or vice versa (with that ugly chrombutton)

3) then find and click the the slider

4) then click "apply"

...what else, hiw about a f..king SAVE dialogue ???


1) click & drag on one side or corner to crop OR

1) click and drag bottom right to scale !!!


more missing things...

- no more pipette or settable custom colors ??!!!

- no more transparency in colors !!! (apart form that marker tool ) - before I could make ANYTHING transparent !!!

- no more erase to easily delete parts of or split drawn lines or shapes !!

- FTP Upload - arrg stuck with ONLY Evernote (thats not nice... )

- the flip history gone.... such a quick way back to the beforelast change / frame.....

- share on my own server, copy link - done where is that ?

LOL just as I have deleted all my notes from sketch / Evernote aka "slow history" pane they finally appear in the evernote window ... FAIL

and what is this : "You can make 5 more posts today. This restriction is in place until 21 September 2012 - 04:54 PM"

are you trying to avoid more than 5 complaints per day form one person ?

seriously please provide me with a downloadable skitch 1 installer...

latest version - PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE

(I so hope I can fix this form my timemachine backup at home)

the most disappointed JO ever

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I totally hate it.

I like change, normally. When change makes sense. This time, it does not. Menubar item gone is the biggest lost.

I am sure there were better solutions to further integrate Evernote and Skitch. It's even worst then when Microsoft introduced the Ribbon in Office... :-\

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- and you have to manually MINIMIZE the Skitch window - no more "moving itself out of the way" after dragging teh image onto e.g. mail ...

- then of course when you WANT the Skitch windowback in the foreground and you comand-tab to SKITCH - guess what, it's MINIMIZED ... hahaha

so now you have to move the mouse to the (now even fuller) Dock and have to click the minimized window to get it back ! Do you guys get paid by the click... ??

- and capture... why on earth do I need to click on CAPTURE now... ANOTHER CLICK - yes, you guys get paid by the click !!

- and then I hoped for the fullscreenmode... I thought maybe I can leave skitch fullscreen, snap an area / image / website / ... but NO , failure again... I snap but SKitch doesn't come to the front... it remains in fullscreenmode / hidden... with the new screen grab waiting for me to swipe or CLICK to the skicth window or command-tab I guess

oh je.... so many extra moves and clicks and hassle....

I think I can simplify ZIGs earlier post:

Things that suck

  • SKITCH 2.0

Things that don't suck

  • SKITCH 1.0

I mean there were a few thing to improve on the old skitch as well... but NOW there is a lot more to improve on the new Skitch !

And somehow I fear that Skitch will eventually degrade to the mediocre screen capture part of Evernote....


PS did I mention you added y huge amount of extra clicks ??? I guess I did...

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AND for me SKITCH 2.0 crashes frequently !!!

I'm on the latest 10.7 (NOT 10.8) and run Photoshop and a load of other apps...

on trying to grab screen grabs SKitch crashed 3 or 4 times now (within 2hrs or working)

If any of the developers is reading this, get in tocu I'm happy let you have my crashreports if I get a Skitch 1.0 installer ;-) just kidding...


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I have to confess, this whole Skitch 2.0 "upgrade" has left a bad taste in my mouth, and not just for Skitch.

The forced integration with Evernote, the removal of the menubar icon, the removal of core features (and not just a few, LOTS of them…)

As a paid Evernote user with a standing reminder in my reminders: "Evernote for Business launches in December" I have loved Evernote. I am in charge of how my division uses technology… In less than 10 minutes, I went from being excited and sure we would all be moving to Evernote... to wondering if I should even be using Evernote anymore. What might Evernote do to my workflow in the future? What might they take away? What can I do if no one from the company even bothers to respond to anyone?? (This isn't a weekend, there are clearly people sitting in offices reading about the reaction to Skitch and choosing to stay quiet.)

Something like this doesn't just hurt the application. It hurts the brand. And that brand is Evernote. It ruins the goodwill Evernote has built up. For instance, I don't know a lot of the background here, I simply know that Skitch was great. Evernote bought Skitch. Now Skitch is broken horribly and in over 24 hours I have yet to see a company response. That's a pretty long time to go all silent-treatment on your users.

I have gone from being an evangelist to being someone who will use this story for years to come as a good tale of how to do/not do things. Our company can't afford to lose our data so the "Evernote business" is no longer something we will seriously consider when it launches.

I hope the company/brand can turn it around.

The past 24 hours of complete silence don't leave me optimistic.

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In all my rant about the "new" way SKITCH works and integrates with Evernote I was only focused on my personal User Experience... (how the UI has changed for the worse and the fact that it crashes frequently) but "Simple" is absolutely right. The way that big players buy useful / hip / cute / small startups or companies and the try to bend them to fit their idea is worrying.

Sure this is the way business goes... but honestly, must it ?

After I had discovered Skitch in november 2009 I was so thrilled by this tiny tool, that is so great and out of the way, yet always there when you need it. I tried to give usefull feedback and I bought skitch PLUS the day it became available... I was more than willing to pay for this wonderful tool and to try to give them some income so that Skitch could succeed ! I have recommended it a thousand times and everybody loved its simplicity !

I guess Evernote just liked the idea of a fancy capture plugin... hey skitch is cool, people like it, lets make this a clever way to feed infer into Evernote... and that is all that interests them. The Users don't own the software, Evernote do and they can change the software's intention from "usefull tool" to "badly executed Evernote plugin" ... all we can do ( ...and I can't as I never liked / purchased Evernote) is take away the business from a company that breaks workflows in this silly, shortsighted and not-user-respectig way...

Indeed the point that "Simple" makes, this drives me even further away from using Evernote...


PS this is my last (5th) post here for today (silly limit) and unless SKITCH 1.1 or 3.0 surfaces and becomes more of what it was, there is no point in posting or reading here anymore....

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I can understand the need to simplify and to unify the expirence but this was done backwards as this is isn't the Mac-Version of a famous iOS-tool. The history was just the other way around. But apart of that… let's assume the goal of simplicity is to be obtained: meaning the challenge is to simplify and unify (with iOS) but still take the app seriously. Therefor the real magic is in hiding complexity but making it available if necessary in an intuitive way.

So this is my constructive criticism:

How about …

  • … adding little "pop-outs" to the big icons on the left (like on the color icon) that allow to choose different sizes of the tool in question. This would be different sized arrows, text or pixelation degrees.
  • … making the borders draggable again for cropping
  • … extending the preferences screen with the FTP-uploaded feature. Please add a file-naming-syntax field (for example timestamp/app/etc.) this time and a URL that works with a placeholder rather then a simple append.
  • … test the number of clicks and try to bring them down on any task. Add a mode like little snapper that snaps a app-window with drop shadow!
  • … if allowed by the App-Store just give people the menubar-icon back

Re-Release these fixes under 2.01 and this incident will be forgotten.

Best regards


PS: As much as I hate trolls and trolling I must agree on the comment about internal Evernote politics. If such a release is done with such a disregard of the user-base it opens the question how my private data at Evernote is being treated. If the privacy decisions are based in the slightest way on similar criteria … I must expect the worst. Meaning decisions only serving the interest of Evernote but not design-decisions in the interest of the current User-base. This is so far just a faint feeling and I hope I am proven wrong as I am still full of enthusiasm that Evernote-Team learns from this mistake and corrects them! By the way: this update is in the same league as the epic fail by Microsoft on the Skype-MAC-interface after they purchased the company.

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Wanted to drop in and mention we are actively monitoring all forum responses (and app store reviews) to the new Skitch apps, we're reviewing the issues users have with 2.0, and we are all ears. Thanks for your feedback thus far, and keep it coming.

For those of you who are looking to rollback immediately, we've included a download link for 1.012 on the main Skitch page here: https://evernote.com/skitch/

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Wanted to drop in and mention we are actively monitoring all forum responses (and app store reviews) to the new Skitch apps, we're reviewing the issues users have with 2.0, and we are all ears. Thanks for your feedback thus far, and keep it coming.

For those of you who are looking to rollback immediately, we've included a download link for 1.012 on the main Skitch page here: https://evernote.com/skitch/

@gbarry: Thank you for the download link for 1.0.12. I was scouring the web and could only find 1.0.11. It's nice to have the real Skitch back.

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I think it's great Skitch is taking notice (how could they not). I was lucky and saw the blog posts about the new Skitch before I hit the "Update all button".

I had Skitch as a stand alone product in 2009 and the pro skitch.com account, then later I paid for it on the App store 5.2011, so I guess I bought it twice.

I joined the forum just to add my voice to list of people who love skitch (pre 2.0) and look forward to upgrading only when Skitch is back to where it should be.

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Evernote, you've just destroyed my favorite app!!!!! I use it constantly... well, I did! I got scuppered at the first hurdle - you've removed the option to delay the screenshot to catch a pop-up menu. Essential feature in my line of work.

Thank you very much for the link to version 1. I'm going back until it no longer works, and then I'll move on to new software. Such a shame when great software gets ruined.

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Did anyone at Evernote actually research how people use this app before removing what I would consider (obviously not the authors) the core features.

Menu Bar Icon - this is absolutely essential.

Minimum number of clicks to grab part of the screen. - not a popup with a confirmation button.

Please note I don't use evernote and I don't want to (i use a more sophisticated document management workflow). I don't want to keep learning new interfaces and ways of using things for what is essential a simple application.

Old version is here if people need it... I did.


The developers have a short window in which a whole bunch of users will wait for fixes/updates to restore the functionality, otherwise I think many people will be looking elsewhere.

V2.0 fail +1

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Very rarely voice my frustration, but Skitch upgrade is just awful

I'm always been a big advocate of the programme

But this new version removes most of the features that made Skitch special and set it apart from the regular mac keyboard shortcuts

Evernote normally get things so right, but this is so wrong

Thanks for providing a link to version 1... downgrading immediately

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Wanted to drop in and mention we are actively monitoring all forum responses (and app store reviews) to the new Skitch apps, we're reviewing the issues users have with 2.0, and we are all ears. Thanks for your feedback thus far, and keep it coming.

For those of you who are looking to rollback immediately, we've included a download link for 1.012 on the main Skitch page here: https://evernote.com/skitch/

Thanks for the link and the response, gbarry, I think it'll please the masses to know you're seeing this.

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As a developer, I am sympathetic to the idea that people don't like change and that when you try to make improvements in software there are bound to be people who will complain no matter what. I have certainly been on the uncomfortable end of complaints about workflow changes that I have been involved with where I think that users didn't really understand the value of the change, or didn't give the new way a chance because they had a knee-jerk response against any kind of change.

I just want to caution you evernote / skitch admin folks against applying that reasoning to the outcry in this thread.

You didn't make progressive and useful changes to Skitch which people have yet to understand or give a chance to. You replaced Skitch with a wholly crappy screenshot application and then called it Skitch.

A few weeks ago, when I got my new retina MBP, since Skitch did not give me easily usable screenshots, I went shopping for a new screenshot app that would, and so I tried out most of the apps out there. While I ended up back with Skitch 1.x (using it with an external monitor so I can create usable screenshots without having to manually re-scale them) because none of the other apps were better, from a usability perspective and not in terms of comparison with Skitch 1.x but evaluated on its own, Skitch 2.0 compares VERY unfavorably with every single app I tried.

In other words, for me for now, Skitch 1.x with an external monitor still the best solution for me for making screenshots. After that, any of a number of the other apps I auditioned. Last place in my hierarchy of usefulness would be Skitch 2.0.

It really sucks. Really.

P.S. FWIW, I can sympathize with complaints about the enforced evernote integration, but I use and like evernote (although it seems to be getting a bit bloated lately...) and don't really mind that aspect for my own purposes.

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Wanted to drop in and mention we are actively monitoring all forum responses (and app store reviews) to the new Skitch apps, we're reviewing the issues users have with 2.0, and we are all ears. Thanks for your feedback thus far, and keep it coming.

For those of you who are looking to rollback immediately, we've included a download link for 1.012 on the main Skitch page here: https://evernote.com/skitch/

Thanks for the link and the response, gbarry, I think it'll please the masses to know you're seeing this.

Hey themensch - Thank you for the link back to 1.0.12, I could only find 1.0.11 in my back ups.

So how bad is the response to the Fabulous New Skitch 2.0 that only days after the big rollout ~ Ta Da! ~ Skitch has to post a link back to the 'unimproved' version right on the front page?

I really do not understand their thinking.

Skitch 2.0 sucks in general, not just sucks severely in contrast to the 'real' Skitch - I mean as it stands it does so little that it functions not as a real application but as more of a plugin or extension/addon to Evernote.

Why not keep Skitch as the full featured much-loved app it was & call this 2.0 thing the Skitch plugin to Evernote, offer it as an an enhancement to Evernote for people who aren't using Skitch, or, add the new Evernote-centric features to the old real Skitch? Then you have 2 valuable apps, not 1 valuable app plus a limp add on.

I understand that they Evernote-centric in their thinking but why purchase something of value only to degrade it?

ADD the Skitch value to Evernote, don't obliterate Skitch!

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Well, Evernote has an opportunity here to fix this and come out on the other side looking better than ever. I think most people can forgive a miscalculation, as long as they hear the users concerns and fix what's wrong, all will be better than ever. I have enormous good will toward companies that ***** up, but then do what it takes to make it right.

If not, if they try to convince us that the reduced feature shadow of a product is good enough, then there are going to be a lot of disillusioned customers.

Seriously Evernote, this is a defining opportunity to do the right thing. Trust me, there's a bigger upside down that road.

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Well, Evernote has an opportunity here to fix this and come out on the other side looking better than ever. I think most people can forgive a miscalculation, as long as they hear the users concerns and fix what's wrong, all will be better than ever. I have enormous good will toward companies that ***** up, but then do what it takes to make it right.

If not, if they try to convince us that the reduced feature shadow of a product is good enough, then there are going to be a lot of disillusioned customers.

Seriously Evernote, this is a defining opportunity to do the right thing. Trust me, there's a bigger upside down that road.

I agree. As Steve Jobs said, if you don't fail on occasion, you're not trying hard enough.
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Is there a way to change the format of the image? Mine is stuck on png. Changing it was quite easy to do with the previous version, but I haven't found out how in the new one.

Capture > Menu Snapshot provides a countdown, but it is apparently triggered by pulling down a menu. The previous version allowed you to have a countdown for ANY purpose -- it wasn't limited to menus. I used it just yesterday to hover and display a tooltip before taking the shot. Now it seems to be impossible to accomplish that.

You can export your images to other formats via Command + E of File > Export

Not the fastest but still it's there

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Skitch 2.0..Yikes! half the really great features disappeared. I do like the Evernote integration (for searchability) but it seems all the easy power features just got harder... or disappeared.

That'll teach me to automatically accept the 'upgrades'.

Still a huge Evernote fan...but I hope they un-fix Skitch in a hurry!

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Going back to Skitch 1.0.12 worked, thx again for making the installer available !

Q / hint / note:

After going back to 10.0.12 ,my old skitch account in the sharing settings is

now labeled "anonymous account" so I lost the old skitch.com login.

Did the service of sketch.com get switch off with the release of 2.0 ?

Or is there a way to re-acticate my old sketch.com account as well ?

It's a (gladly) paid skitch plus "membership" purchased in jan 2011 .

It was originally valid till 2012-01-06, then skitch.com sent a mail and

extended it for 2 years after I was a very early adopter, so it should work till 2014-01-06...

Then of course SKITCH was purchased by Evernote, so maybe the gift is no longer


I managed to get a login by just sharing an image and then being prompted for login and

password for the skitch.com site. However it still looks like a recreated account and NOT

the old one.... but as I'm not relying on storage in the skitch cloud I'm fine... jsut wondering

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Skitch WAS awesome, unique and did 99% of what I wanted it to do (all I wanted was a dashed line option and I would have been happy).

Why would you, evernote, do this to an awesome app? Did you bother to ask any of you PAYING customers?

Seriously... WTF? Going back to v1.0.

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I've been a Skitch user since 2007-2008, and I've gotten dozens of people to start using Skitch in the past five years. As a long-time user and fervent Skitch fan, I'm really disappointed with this update. Skitch has become harder to use, more cumbersome and very difficult to adjust to. Here's why:

1. Everything takes more steps! I get that you were going after simplicity and ripped out some features, so why did you make simply flows so much harder? For example, taking a screenshot used to take nothing but hitting Shift + Command + 5 and then clicking and dragging the mouse. Now, I have to do that, but I also get this stupid resizing dialog. Not only is this really annoying and a huge slowdown in taking screenshots, but it also makes taking screenshots of any movement, video or animation incredibly difficult! I have to start the motion, hit Shift + Command + 5 and THEN get the timing right on the following resizing dialog.

The other key flow is sharing. I used to take a screenshot, hit Command + Enter and then bam, I had a URL I could share! Now, I can't seem to figure out how to use the keyboard to share an image and/or get the URL copied to the clipboard. Is there any way to do this? I've searched around Google and Skitch.com quite a bit and can't seem to find any.

The combination of these two new additions to the capture/sharing flow is really disappointing, and it's making sharing images with others much slower.

2. I have no choice over the format of export! I used to switch between JPG and PNG frequently, and even between JPG quality settings frequently. Now all images are exported at .png, as far as can tell. That's really disappointing, because those files can get really big.

3. Resizing is pretty confusing, and was much simpler in Skitch 1.0. When I'm resizing a photo, it feels natural to drag to resize. When I knew the precise dimensions, I could hit "Resize" previously and type them in. Now, I only have the choice of this artibrary slider? It feels both imprecise and completely disconnected from the actual resizing action. At least there's a keyboard shortcut to access it, but jeez. This is just a terrible change, and it's hard to see how it's an improvement. On the bright side, at least Command and "+" or "-" let me zoom in and out. Definitely not worth that trade though.

4. As you have to search based on the title of the image, I was really confused how to change the title at all. I used to change the title pretty frequently so I could easily find the image later. Took me more than a minute of hunting to figure out that you can click and edit the title name near the top left of the Skitch window. The cursor should at least change when hovering over that text!

5. The new version is just full of bugs. For example, often when I use Shift + Command + 5, the Skitch window doesn't go away and gets in the middle of the screenshot! https://www.evernote...0b90bccfecdd24. And loading in old Skitch 1.x files and trying to sync them results in constant crashes. Skitch has probably crashed 15-20 times trying to import 1,000 old Skitch files.

I really hope that you guys listen to your users and fix this situation. I'm pretty close to switching back to 1.x.

- Evan

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I'm a long-time Skitch fanatic (I was deeply honored to have been featured on their testimonials page at one time). I knew that Skitch was going to be absorbed into Evernote. I knew that the branding was going to change and that the playful pink interface would become a bit more muted and professional looking. I knew that some of the way Skitch worked would have to find a way to plug into the way Evernote works. I think we all expected some changes. But clearly this update hasn't met the expectations of Skitch power users.

The original app made everything feel practically effortless, so adding more steps in the processes people have been using daily feels like a serious productivity blow. Removing some of the features (that countdown timer was a beaut) will make it a deal-breaker for some people. I won't go into the nitty-gritty details of each feature change/loss because plenty of other smart people already have, but I just wanted to add my non-democratic vote to the idea of satisfying some of these needs. Give us some of that resize power we previously had. Incorporate a timer. Etc. If you can't provide output options beyond PNG, let us know why (if you can). The people who are into all the details are more apt to accept it and try to learn to love it again if they get a little more background on why things changed (and why it's going to be better because of these changes).

From the blog post announcing this update: We pared the application down to it’s most-loved, most-used, most-essential features, then made those features as great as they could be. We also focused on creating a unified experience across all platforms. So, whether you’re using Skitch on your desktop or mobile phone, you’ll know exactly what to do.

I can only assume that the focus for this update was on making a screenshot app that new Evernote users would find attractive and simple and feel like an off-shoot of Evernote. It feels like those goals were deliberately put above the wants and needs of legacy users. If so, I think we get that. Some of the software-making folks posting here have probably had to wrestle with similar goals. The majority of us respect Evernote and what they're up to. We understand that the massive growth of Evernote (and the investment in cranking out tons of new apps) creates a need to make all of this content grabbing sync and work together.

Please consider some revisions to help the folks who have always loved Skitch keep loving it and evangelizing for it. There's always time to change or "re-improve" a product.

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Why did you break this wonderfull tool ?!

Evernote i'm not mad, i'm disappointed. Bad evernote.

I can only second that! Skitch has become a real pain!

- Why does it forget color/size settings between to screen shots

- Why do I get this ridiculous frame to crop my picture replacing the nice drag function it had before

- Why does it not show fonts as they will appear when you position them - only after you dropped them

Evernote - you broke one of the best tools ever! I like the integration with Evernote but give us back the old UI. No one requested a new one!


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I'd like to add my voice to the list of users that are very disappointed in the unmitigated catastrophe that is Skitch 2.0.

As a project manager, I rely upon Skitch to quickly and conveniently annotate screenshots for the instruction and training of our clients. Skitch 2.0, frankly, isn't usable; the user interface is unintuitive and abandons convenience and quality-of-life improvements that made Skitch 1.0 so easy to use, and the difficulty with sharing direct fullsize image URLs renders the product essentially unusable.

I implore you: abandon Skitch 2.0, and go back to the drawing board. Listen to your customers and consider why they are so irate; you're risking more than your client satisfaction here -- you are jeopardizing your brand and on the verge of ceding your customerbase to a clone product as soon as it's created.

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I came close to installing the upgrade, but fortunately it did not work, I then read all the negative reviews and glad I did not.

I too would be disappointed to find many of the features that others are complaining about missing.

Skitch is an important part of my workflow, as is Evernote premium. I love them both so was initially delighted when I heard of the acquisition.

It seems Evernote missed the opportunity to maintain a light touch with integration which would have likely pleased all and instead went down a rather heavy handed and clumsy route in pursuit of a strategic goal that probably had some internal logic within the business but has missed the point as to what made Skitch great from a user perspective.

I have been a big promoter of both Evernote & Skitch in the past, introducing and recommending them to colleagues. Sadly I won't be so unequivocal in my praise going forward.

The reason this is serious for Evernote is it clear there has been an erosion of trust here felt by many loyal customers, me included. My hope is there is a lot of work going on by the folks at Evernote to fix this and they have the courage to modify their strategy. Communication is key here as confidence that the company will do the right thing, having customer interests at heart is key to adoption and retention of users for a product such as Evernote.

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Chiming in with the group here.

I don't like using the new Skitch 2.0 at all. It was quite frustrating trying to use this new version. I agree with the user that said:

it feels like going from a mechanical pencil to a crayon.

The previous versions were my favorite way to annotate and share screen shoots. Why do such a major shift in UX design and performance.

I Just downgraded to the older version. I will start looking for a replacement.

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I really really miss the old Skitch.

Specifically, my two main issues with the new version are:

1) I miss Skitch in my menu bar.

2) I use Skitch a lot with Podio - the old Skitch let me drag the image from Skitch to the Podio file uploader, and that feature no longer works, so I have to sync my En account, then click through to upload the screenshot...which wouldn't be a problem, really...except that:

***The image title is "lost" when it goes to Evernote - so instead of retaining the title I assigned & saved in Skitch, it gets stored in Evernote as "Screenshot 9/24/12 5:15PM" - and that is a little crazy-making.

So...can you bring back those features? Please? :)

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Very disappointed in 2.0. I wish I could go back to previous version!

If you have Time Machine you can downgrade that way... that's what I just did.

I completely agree Duran and the OP, I use Skitch almost exclusively for the ability to upload screenshots super quickly to my own server and share them privately with my team members. Without that ability I will have to hold on to using old Skitch until I find something else. I can't believe this feature was removed.

a download link for 1.012 on the main Skitch page here: https://evernote.com/skitch/

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Skitch 2.0 SUCKS !!

I could not agree more with every negative comment on this forum. I USED to love skitch. Now it's cheap, and doesn't do half the things I used to rely on it for.


  • No longer can I just drag/drop my skitch snaps onto an existing Evernote note. Now, they're all saved in some special notebook, and dragging into another note doesn't work. (If this user error, or a settings change, that still sucks. I can't find ANYWHERE to make this work anymore!)
  • Snapping (CMD-SHFT-5) always starts whereever my cursor was when I hit the hot keys now. That sucks!! I used to be able to hotkey, then go where I wanted on the screen, left-click, and THEN start the snap. The way it is now is a pain IMO.
  • Font sizes!!! Seriously!?!?!?! 3 crappy options?? Font types??? What on earth has happened to this thing?
  • Resizing is stupid now. I used to be able to take and image, and then drag on an edge to make it larger so I could have whitespace to add comments, etc. Now resizing just sizes the entire image... with no add'l space on a side. That's junk IMO.

I am SOOOOO disappointed that I took time to figure out how to get into this forum to add this post. I hate skitch now...

Thanks for reading !!!

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OMG.... I just updated (using that term loosely) to Skitch 2.0. Sooo sorry I did. Had I known what was coming, I never would have done it. What a disappointment!! Updates are supposed to makes apps better, not regress them to the point you can't or don't want to use them. AAAHHHHHHHH

Where's the History panel?? I would clip items throughout the day, and sometimes leave them there for quick future reference. Now, I have to go to a folder with a list of items.

And the general look & feel of it.... sucks. Evernote is an awesome app and I use it constantly. But it's very plain-looking. Now Skitch looks just like it. I liked the old Skitch, it was very appealing to the eye and super friendly to use. Now I have a cold, ugly square box.

You have totally ruined what was an awesome app. Now I'm forced to spend time searching for another app that will come close to what Skitch used to be. Sooooo disappointed!!!!!!!

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I use Evernote daily. I use Skitch on a very regular basis as well. However . . .

Skitch 2.0 reminds me of when Coke discontinued Coke to and launched New Coke. What a fiasco that was.

What about:

  • Knowing your font size.
  • Many options on font size.
  • Requiring an evernote link - really???
  • Tons of sharing issues listed in other posts.

If there is a demand for an even simpler product then make a Skitch-lite. But don't take functionality away from the product!!

If Evernote learns from this mistake, they will be better off. If they keep on this road, they will not do so well with me.

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I have to echo these comments:

2) I use Skitch a lot with Podio - the old Skitch let me drag the image from Skitch to the Podio file uploader, and that feature no longer works, so I have to sync my En account, then click through to upload the screenshot...which wouldn't be a problem, really...except that:

***The image title is "lost" when it goes to Evernote - so instead of retaining the title I assigned & saved in Skitch, it gets stored in Evernote as "Screenshot 9/24/12 5:15PM" - and that is a little crazy-making.

Every time I try to upload by dragging from skitch to the file upload dialog, it fails the first 1-3 times and then finally works. It's horrible. And the image titles don't suck in the title of the window anymore! Every screenshot is just called a bland "Screenshot 9/24 11:13 pm" etc.

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I have to agree with everyone here.

I started using the old beta version of Skitch, and willingly paid for the premium version. I'm also a raving Evernote Premium user.

Frankly, I thought this would be a product marriage made in heaven...

On the contrary, this new version of Skitch reminds me of when you see two extremely attractive celebrates spawn unusually ugly children.

I am shocked, and dismayed every time I do a screen grab.

Although I could list all the things wrong with this product... it would be quicker and more satisfying to simply delete it and/or downgrade.

In my humble opinion, Evernote users (especially premium users) continuously take huge leap of faith in Evernote and the potential longevity of our relationship with the brand and service. After all, we are trusting you with our priceless data, memories and more.

And yet, Evernote chooses not to listen to its most loyal user base.

The forums are scattered with feature requests that go unanswered or even recognized. There are features true Evernote users have been begging for month and even years.

Your customers are practically begging you to have a longterm relationship... a reason to keep paying those annual premiums.

In the meantime, Evernote focuses on... $30 Moleskins?

That's a great idea if we have nothing on time on our hands... but come on - I have 6 apps on my iPhone to fill in the gaps left by the official iOS app.

Evernote, we are fans... passionate ones, but give use a little more to work with here - check in once and awhile and get our opinion.

Who know - you might be shock at what you will learn BEFORE releasing a half baked product.

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Skitch 2.0 is a total deal-breaker. There seem to be some improvements, and I suppose I may enjoy the Evernote integration at some point, but core functionality is broken and from my perspective this is a pure downgrade.

My top issues:

  • Minimum rectangle width: using the rectangle tool, if I create too skinny a selection, the rectangle snaps to a minimum width. UNACCEPTABLE.
  • Minimum line thickness: I only have 3 thickness options now, and the thinnest one isn't thin enough. UNACCEPTABLE.

Other issues:

  • Unintuitive icon for color and thickness selector.
  • Pixel magnifier on selection tool gone. Why?
  • I liked the Skitch menu item

Thanks, Evernote, for at least making the older version available for us to use while you work this out, that's the right thing to do.

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I am a long, long time user of Skitch, but holy ***t, what did you guys do?

I used the tool a tremendous amount to do screen shots and then export to PDFs for use in Prezi.

You can't export using alternative formats? What the heck are you guys thinking? How do you know that your global user base wanted .png files?

Frankly, you didn't. First, because you didnt ask, "If you had to eliminate all export formats except one, what one would keep?" Second, because the entire thought process is flawed. Who makes a graphics program with a single export format? Duh.

I thank those who provided links to the 1.x version. You saved my bacon.

I hate those who decided to de-feature Skitch 1.X in the 2.0 release. Your product is a perfect example of upgrades gone bad.

To the Skitch developers who survived the Evernote acquisition: how does it feel to have a wonderful product destroyed following an acquisition by a company that clearly is clueless about your base? Feeling like MSFT or Google yet? Evernote killed your baby.

To Evernote: I do like integration into Evernote, but why in the world would you kill 80% of your features in the process? Should I be equally scared of Evernote upgrades?

I am. I am terribly scared. You clearly have no idea how to manage software products.

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I am big skitch user and evernote user. I was stoked when the iphone app came out on the same day as this update. What irks me about this update is that every single time you use skitch it uploads the result to your Evernote account. Your monthly allotment -- for those who are not premium -- gets used up quickly. The purpose of this update was to make moneyt. Forcing evernote suers to go premium. I suppose I could go through and delete those photos that i do not want on evernote but that is an extra step and the cynicism behind this update grinds my gears.

I'm back to 1.xx

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I am also going to have to climb in the "unhappy" line. Skitch was everything I needed in a "on the fly" graphic editor and then someone had to mess with the recipe, why upgrade software by removing most of it's former functionality. I was one of those happy paying customers, may I please get back what I payed for. No need to mess with something that was in a "market" of it's own.

Like all those before me I ask if we can please get Skitch back !!!!

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I have to sign up here too! Normally I don't write in forums but I feel compelled to add my voice to this list. I am also a heavy Premium Evernote user, so Evernote please listen to us!!!

In my innocence I installed Skitch2.0 and was at first happy about the Evernote integration or until I tried to reuse my screenshots. In the previous Skitch version my snapshots that I had dragged into Evernote had a title e.g. "Chapter 3 - Gamification" but now all (yes, ALL) my snapshots are called... well, "SNAPSHOTS". How am I supposed to find anything anymore???

I also have huge sync issues on the computer where I opted to import older Skitch snapshots. Skitch on that computer is totally unusable as it brings an error message after every snapshot so I have no ideas if it has synced the old snapshots or not or how I can get rid of that message.

I am deinstalling Skitch2.0 and going back to the old version. Thank you for providing the link here.

Really hope Evernote fixes Skitch quickly and does not ruin Evernote.

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I've reverted to 1.0.12; the "upgrade" is a frustration in a number of ways. My main skitch project involves marking up maps without obscuring them. Inability to make text transparent (translucent) means I cannot generate the subtle-looking markups I need.

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I feel bad about piling on, but you guys took a brilliant, simple app I use all the time and wrecked it. Come on. There's a reason you thought it was cool enough to fold into Evernote. Why mess it up? Just add the integration.

Evernote is incredible. The old Skitch was, too. Back up and try again, will ya?

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I've reverted to 1.0.12; the "upgrade" is a frustration in a number of ways. My main skitch project involves marking up maps without obscuring them. Inability to make text transparent (translucent) means I cannot generate the subtle-looking markups I need.

Yes, that's a perfect way to put it - perhaps the most important thing I used Skitch for was dimensioning and clarifying objects in pics - the ability to include many clearly distinct notes, lines, arrows, to create one visual with notes for several different people/departments all together, so everyone is aware of the whole of the information - for many projects Skitch was as good as a mutli layered drawing drafting program.

So yes, among many other features & connectivities, what Evernote did was to remove the possibility of SUBLETY and COMPLEXITY and DETAIL. If I wanted to use MacPaint 1996, I would!

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