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(Archived) Conserving Monthly Quota usage


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I am a new user of Evernote on my Android. I started a travel journal and attached photos to the daily entries... this worked wonderfully for two months! While in Yellowstone NP we were out of 3G service more often than not... when we returned home, I assume quite a few entries uploaded and I found a message saying that my monthly quota was 98% used... so I avoided using EN for the next few weeks... anxiously anticipating the "updated" quota at the end of that month. Low and behold... the new month is 2 days old, I have added very few notes lately and no photos but and I find that my quota is reportedly 85% used!! already!!

After finding this forum and reading some threads here, I tried to create a "local" notebook but cannot find any way to do that on my phone. So, I decided to load Evernote on my laptop (PC) as I had never used it anywhere but on my Droid smart phone (Razr Mat axx). I now have all of my journal entries and photos synced to my computer.... Do I need to delete them off of my phone in order to not have them update and drain my monthly quota with old notes??? Not sure if this is what is happening or if it is something else I do not understand. I cannot find any way to create a "local" notebook, even on my laptop version of Evernote.

I don't want to end up with a monthly expense and I would rather not have to find another app to use for my travel journal... We are getting ready to go see autumn colors and rutting elk and I am stumped as to how I might be able to document and share this trip with EN.

What am I doing wrong??

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Not sure what's going on w.r.t. your quota. Might be worth a check-in with Tech Support for that. Maybe you took a lot of pictures in Yellowstone, and they all didn't sync when you got back, and went on the following month's quota. If you're taking a lot of large-format pics, and don't have a premium account, then I can see something like that happening.

Local notebooks are supported on desktop clients only, so far as I know, and cannot be create on mobile devices, like your Razr.

An alternative might be to take your photos, but not push them into Evernote. You could try an alternative service like Dropbox as a temporary holding area for safety's sake.

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Yes, i had decided to only put one photo on each entry in the future... But, perhaps I'll just load them elsewhere to share. How would i contact tech sporty for an explanation of what drained my monthly quota so quickly? That would certainly be helpful.

If i went over quota while in a no service area, would the entries just not sync until the next month??

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