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Support for non-standard URI schemes in hyperlinks within notes?



Hi all,

I'd like to add links from an EN note to other applications on the mac with custom URI schemes. For example, I create notes for homework assignments, where each assignment references 2-3 readings that I have organized in Papers2. EN won't let me add links to the custom papers2:// URI scheme (I can type the text in, but the links won't open, and if I explicitly right-click the text and go to Link -> Add, it won't accept links not starting with http:// or https://). I have seen the workaround here: http://support.meken...ote-with-papers, but I'd really like to be able to use more than one such link in a given note, so that I can build a note that looks like:

Assignments for 9/16/2012

  • Read Some Paper: Guy, S. et al <--- Link to the Papers2 app
  • Read A Different Paper: Guy, Other et al. <--- Another link
  • Compare/contrast/critique the two.

Is there support for this functionality? If not, is it in the roadmap?


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Unless and until this feature is added (it's 2 years later, so I'm not holding my breath), here's a workaround:

Edit the "ENML" (Evernote Note Markup Language — a derivative of HTML) for your note directly…

  1. View your note on Evernote's web site.
  2. From the URL bar, copy the note's ID (which looks something like this: 1abcd234-5e67-89ff-01ab-c23d45e678f9)
  3. Go to http://enml-editor.ping13.net/
  4. Connect to Evernote — you'll allow http://enml-editor.ping13.net/ to access your notes.
    If you don't want to trust a third-party site, this is where you get off ;-)
  5. Paste the note ID into the provided space
  6. Click "Edit your Note"
  7. You'll be presented with a textarea containing the ENML for your note
  8. Find the spot where you want to use a non-standard URI
  9. Put <a href="non-standard-uri://path/to/your/thing"> before and </a> after the text that you want to link.
  10. Click the enormous "Save to Evernote" button
  11. In the pale green strip that appears above the resulting page, "Click here to check the results in Evernote."

That's all there is to it! The text will not be connected to your non-standard URI or URN or URL or whatever it's properly called.


Incidentally, the "Click to set url…" feature shown in the Papers video provided by the OP, dhaas, is no longer shown in the Evernote UI, but can be accessed by going to Note > Show Note Info… (at least on the Mac. Not sure where it is on Windows.) Unfortunately, that allows only one link for the whole note, as opposed to allowing any number of non-standard inline links via the ENML editing technique.

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