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New to the forum ...

I've used evernote for years, but only casually, however after starting back to my job after a year's break for uni, I'm planning on using it for project/client management...

Anyway, basically what I'm wondering is if there is any way to replicate the layout of the Welcome note that you get when you first join.

I've copied and pasted it .. but in the left hand column on the note I'd like to add a table and on the 2nd column, I'd like to just add text ..

Is there any way to do this?

Not sure if I've explained it well enough but hopefully by looking at the welcome note (if you still have it :D) that evernote provides, then you will know what I mean...

Also - in the welcome note, the Welcome text is white, with a background colour or green - can this be done without having to copy and paste it and can the colour be changed?

Many thanks :)


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The Welcome note was created by designing the note in HTML directly.

If you use an html editor and then "clip" it into Evernote, or paste it from somewhere else, it will work.

It cannot currently be done from within Evernote directly, but there are some third-party Evernote clients that allow you to do this (like Nixnote), or you can do this by creating your content in Word and then pasting it in.

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