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Suggestion: Hand written "Smart Stickers" (smart notebook)

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It would be nice, if people could define their own hand drawn icons or marks as a "smart stickers" instead of messing with physical stickers.

So I would like to draw a "lighting" symbol by pen and teach the Evernote to recognise it as "Action" tag.

Or the lamp as "idea" symbol.


Hope to see it in future.

Thanks for reading.


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Our Smart Stickers are patented so that they need to be a specific hue in combination with the patented Evernote Moleskine paper.

That said, a contest where we allow user submissions for a specially designed sticker sheet wouldn't necessarily be out of the question at some future date.

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Moleskine Smart Stickers are a good start. But they doesn't help me for sketeches on whiteboards, plain office papers etc.

For me, simple convention for the symbols would be suficcient: a few characters framed by a solid rectangle. E.g. "ep2", "work" , ..

Hand made / sketched "Smart Symbols" would be a killer feature for very fast organization / categorisation of notes. (And a strong distinction to growing competitors).

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I agree - some quick system for Evernote to pick out handwritten symbols+text to covert to tags would be a _killer feature that would set Evernote out in front of competitors_.

Even a two step process:

1. Something easy and quick to write accurately to identify the handwritten tag, maybe a circled asterisk or the word 'tag' in a box something approximately like this for a 'project A'' tag:

(*) project A

[TAG: project A]

2. Search for all photos with that handwritten tag, select them all, and assign them the Project A tag you already have in Evernote.

I've experimented with several variations, but I'm fairly new and not a 'tech-head' so haven't found a way to make this work with the current search function so far. Most punctuation marks seem to be ignored or have a specific search functions assigned to them. Perhaps someone with a better understanding of this could make it work without any new features required, if not would be a worthwhile new feature.

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I've reassigned my stickers and keep a crib sheet of the assignments inside the back cover of my Moleskine notebook. Evernote and Moleskine could formalise that by printing 1 of each sticker and a box to write in the tag and another the notebook - inside the back cover. If colour printing is too hard then do it in black and white.

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Regarding TAG: I'd just support a simple convention like hashtags, e.g.:


#productidea - which assigns the current document to category "productidea" - it also becomes hyperlinked and clicking the hyperlink does a search for that tag.

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I also have a smart sticker suggestion:


A lot of social media centered individuals use these planners to plan ideas and record ideas for future blog posts, instagram ideas, youtube ideas, etc...

I don't know if it's viable enough, but it would be really cool to have smart stickers for ideas that pertain to these social media platforms and bear each of these platforms logos/icons.

(similar to the share icons on every webpage) post-277800-0-48303400-1450223282_thumb.

These platforms may like having specific stickers just for them too.


Just an idea.

Thanks for reading

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