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(Archived) Evernote Voice Recorder, needs to run while navigating other apps.

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If you are making a note and using the voice recorder if you touch the power off button on the tablets the screen can sleep to save power. When this happens the tablet is still alive and apps are still working however the recorder is programmed to turn off on the tablet version. The recorder should be programmed to stay on till you turn it off. It also would be good to have it stay on while navigating to other apps. It turns off if you go to the browser to research or go to another app to (multitask). The phone version allows you to hit the power button to turn the screen off while still recording so you can take notes when needed but still record and save screen power. I hope this makes sense. Can you build in a menu option to allow multitasking or leave evernote recorder running while using other apps. This is handy when taking notes and a friend sends you a text. If you answer the text or email you the recorder stops. Thx, (PS I am using the new 4.0 ICS on Galaxy Tab Note 10.1.)

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