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(Archived) offline notes in ICS on galaxy 2S stop synchronizing


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When I choose a notebook for offline reading, only the very small notebooks load offline correct.

When however I choose a large notebook for offline use, it stops every time with the message "Sync failed".

There is a counter that says what percentage it is uploading the attachments, but the sync fails all the time.

I have the feeling that, after a while, more notes are synched, but still.

This is because the data file grows all the time.

At Ipad etc the offline works perfect.

It alos used to work perfectly in the previous version of Android. (2.3)

Is ICS the reason?


exact text:

1. download "bijlagen"for notebook x , 123%

2. last sync failed on time xx

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I have the same issue. I also mailed this to the Evernote support and they made an internal ticket for this issue. But I have no idea, when this will be fixed.

The Android version does not seem to matter. My Gingerbread phone and my Jelly Bean Tablet have the same issue.

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It seems all my Android devices won't sync some of my offline notebooks. It doesn't impact all my offline notebooks. I have one notebook which has over 5000 notes and it syncs offline. Then I have a notebook that has only 41 notes but they range from 1 - 15 mb files with photos. This is the notebook which gives me the failed synce error. I've opened a ticket and got a reply that it is a bug that they will put on the fix list. They gave me no indication how long it will take to fix.



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