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(Archived) few beginner questions, yes I read the FAQ

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I have a few very basic questions.They are probably so stupid that they aren't addressed. First. i installed Evernotwe on my IPHone. Is that so I can send photos/notes from my phone to the site? The notes aren't help on the phone unless they are "*"'ed, correct. My point is to not use the notepad. If I make notes on evernote.com, can I view them on my iphone? How do I do that.

For instance. I just reformatted this weekend. I took all my notepad notes and sent them to my email( thank goodness), now they dissapeared from my iphone. I want to get them back on there so I think evernote is my best bet. Can anyone shed light here. I saw I can send a phorto to evernote but can you specify which folder?( ie. iphone folder 1, etc)

Thank you so much for answering these questions. They seem basic but I have fiddled and cant seem to find the answers:)


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Evernote is all one service (sort of like a mail system), so you can put notes into it from anywhere, and then access them from anywhere else. Mobile phones are great for capturing notes, and ok for accessing them later.

From the iPhone, you can search for any of your notes as long as you have a network connection. The "Favorite" notes are ones that you explicitly store on the phone for access offline, but as long as you are online, you can access your entire account.

I'd recommend installing either the Windows or Mac client on your main PC. Then you can synchronize your notes down from the service to your computer for easy editing there:


The desktop clients are a bit faster for doing a lot of things than the web UI, since all of your data is stored directly on your computer and you don't need to wait for communication back and forth to our servers.

When you add a note from the iPhone, you can specify the destination notebook. Otherwise, notes go in your "default" notebook. You can change the default from the web or the desktop by selecting one of the other notebooks and setting its "default" property.

Let me know if that answers the questions.

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What exactly are you trying to do with the notes?

On the iPhone, you should see the list of notes. If you click on a note, it should let you view that note, and there's a button on the screen to let you edit that note.

On your desktop computer, all of your notes should be visible. If you click into one of those notes, you can edit it and it will synchronize back to the service.

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