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(Archived) all notes not syncing!


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i am currently a free user...i have recently download 4.2.1 update

i dont have internet connection on my android phone.. and i sync all the data around once a month...

for over a month, i have been having a problem..

When i sync, in both, my windows laptop and android phone, i see the synchronization is complete.. but i have around 182 notes, and on my computer i can only see around 80... cant find the other 100.. please help!!!! :( :( fast!!!


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Even I am having this problem..when I sync I get a notification saying that it's synced but I don't see the changes I made once I close it and reopen evernote. I don't see those modifications in my evernote web account. But I am able to see the changes I make from the web application. I am using Evernote 4.5.10. Please do help. Thank You very much in advance.

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Yeah I'm having the same problem. Judging by this thread our question still hasn't been answered after 5 months...This is terrible support so I think I'll switch to Notetaker HD.

This is not a support forum; it's a user forum. If you want actual Evernote support, you need to open a support inquiry. See the link in my signature.

For what it's worth, syncing is working fine for me; it's on a Kindle Fire, using the latest public beta.

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