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(Archived) Stupid Format Styles Question



Probably a dumb question and the answer is hiding on the screen in front of me in plain sight:

Using Evernote on a Mac:

How do I create Favorite Format Style so they are available on the fly when creating new Evernote notes? I have a relatively few font/formating conventions that I use when typing notes. Things like heading styles (Increase font size, add bold, change color, add space before and after) when a new subject is added) and content identifiers (to indicate for example taken in a phone call).

The iPad version comes with a few formatting styles pre-loaded (the paragraph character ( ¶ )in the toolbar), but I do not see an analogous functionality in the desktop version for Mac.

(And while I am at it, is there a way to add to or modify the default style options in the iOS version?)

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