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(Archived) How to erase audio files from Speech To Text notes?


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Just started using evernote on a samsung galaxy s2, and when I use the speach to text feature (which works amazingly well), it gives me a note with both the text and the audio file. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to erase the audio file, while leaving the text intact. They are starting to add up, and they end up as a giant list in my media player. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

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Hi markblasco, welcome to the forum :)

To remove the audio (and other attachments) from a note in the Android version of Evernote:

- Edit the note

- Tap the icon for the attachment, at the top

- Choose Remove



That said, I am not certain that the files listed in the media player are from the notes directly, but the temporary folder used to save the note before uploading. I will have to test myself to see if this is the case...

EDIT: It does seem that the entries in the media players, are from EN folders, not the actual notes.

I had two different locations show in the media list:




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