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(Archived) TIP: Record the Words of Mentors, Friends, and Family Teaching You

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The OP posted a spam thread about a computer game, and while this would usually be deleted, they did say one intriguing thing that I wanted to keep around and Evernote for us.:

"For this software, my favorite is that I can record screen and audio at the same time, I remember my father teaching me how to play Chinese chess soul and when we play chess, he tells me why he moves the chess in there. So I let my father use the microphone when he explains it for me."

That is a great idea!

As a chess player myself, I sure wish that I had recorded the words of my mentors in the past, but this idea really applies to anyone who learns something from someone they care about -- if only I had recorded my grandmother teaching me how to make poppyseed bread before she passed.

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