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(Archived) Web Clipper Doesn't Work


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Either my browser is messed up or I'm missing some very simple maneuver. I have the web clipper in my browser. I click on it and I get the following choices (Soemtimes it says clip article). I choose one of them....and then what am I supposed to do? Is it supposed to automatically paste into a new note? Do I go and create a new note?

When I click enter, I get this little icon that says its clipping, but then nothing. I've gone into Evernote and opened a new note and pasted in the body, and nothing happens. I've looked all over these forums and I can't find anything to help. Is there a simple how-to manual out there, or is my browser messed up? Firefox 15.0

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I have Mac OS X 10.8, Firefox 15.0.

I tried the Evernote Web Clipper and experienced the same issue reported above -- I click the clipper button and nothing happens.

I downloaded the Beta update 5.4.265654-fx.xpi and nothing happens. The file downloads okay, but I cannot open the file and install it. When I double-click the download file a window opens that says "this link needs to be opened with an application" and I need to choose an application but I cannot select Firefox.

Please advise.

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