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(Archived) need a little help?

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Hi everyone,

I just joined a new company and was given the PC of a previous employee. She had been using Evernote and I immediately started using her version (it was still logged in but she had deleted all her notes). Yesterday I decided to sync my work Evernote with that on my home PC... completely forgetting it was her account, not mine. Of course, in the process I logged out and now can't log back in as I don't know her details.

I got in touch with the previous employee and she can't remember the login details either. And all my work notes are in her evernote account!

Anyone have any tips on how I could get them back? I already filed a support ticket but haven't heard anything yet...

Any advice would be much appreciated!



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Will your work PC still have Evernote logged in to another account? If so, you could 'share' that account from work to your own home email address and get access to the notes that way - just copy them from the shared account into your own, and please operate in your own account from then on. If not, then I'm sorry but if you used someone else's personal account without (initially) her knowledge, then this is just karma. I'd be very disappointed if Support are willing to mess with one customer's account simply on the say-so of another. And even if you produce emails from the former owner giving permission, how do they know this is their actual customer without the correct password?

There's no other way to access the notes without a valid user name and password, and if neither of you has the information your notes are firmly in limbo.

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I agree with Gazumped. One would surely have to know it's not only wrong but also risky (b/c of not knowing the login credentials) to use someone else's account.

I'd say your best chance is to get the former employee to do a "forgot password" thing to recover her login information, if she is indeed willing to let you use her account. Other than that, I'd say it's a slim chance EN would be very helpful in giving out login credentials.

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Thanks for replying, BurgersNFries and Gazumped.

I agree that it wasn't best practice to use another person's Evernote account. I was somewhat new to the software and didn't realise it would need a specific account and login details; I started my first day with Evernote as a blank sheet, already logged in. So I used it to make notes during training. Of course I realised the discrepancy later as I got Evernote on my home computer and tried to sync them up.

However, the Evernote account was free of any work or notes and I wasn't using any of her material, simply a version of Evernote set to her (old) work email and a password which she had forgotten.

Anyway, the eventual solution came through the IT department briefly redirecting the previous employee's email account into my email (it was otherwise directed nowhere) so I could send myself the reset password link. So its now set to a password of my choosing and I will export the notes into my own version.

FWIW, the reply to the support ticket I posted said this kind of problem could be solved through a validation process taking up to 14 days.

Thank you both for the suggestions!

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