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(Archived) Syncing Problems with Evernote PC

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Hi I'm a University student and I started using Everote because the concept appealed to me. I'm very OCD about notes so when I take notes by hand and they turn out messy I waste a lot of time re writing-worse yet when I realize I need to add more info to a note.

Anyway I have Evernote installed on my Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy and Pc. I ca sync without problems from my kindle (which i use in class) and my phone (I use to record lectures) however for some reason Evernote on my PC refuses to sync and gets stuck on Authenticating. I have tried installing and re-installing the program, changing Internet connections (Modem, Company Wifi and University Wifi) and still I cannot sync.

Is there any way that I can transfer the notes from my kindle/phone to my pc without teh use of an internet connection?

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You might want to check the activity log on your Windows Evernote installation. And also file a support inquiry -- see the link in my signature. This syncing stuff does work (I use a Kindle Fire and Windows both).

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