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(Archived) Employee Led Innovation and Evernote

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I'm giving a presentation soon on the concept of Employee Led Innovation (ELI). Essentially it's the idea that in today's business environment employees often turn to tools such as Evernote to be able to get a job done better at work, or to innovate on the way their job is being done.

It would be great to have some stories about how individuals or groups within a company have used Evernote to innovate. Not just for day-to-day use, but more about getting a specific project/innovation done. Anybody have some examples for me?

I promise to obfuscate your name and company name as I discuss it.

If you were successful or not doesn't matter. I'd also like to hear what your employer/manager thought of the innovation and how they reacted to you using a different (non standard) approach.

Thanks in Advance!

Steve Duncan

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