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(Archived) Slow input on one note - Android

Dave from Canada

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Input into one of my notes has become really slow on my phone.

Used to work fine. And isn't a problem for any of my other notes.

I'm wondering if problem is a recent Evernote update?

Have tried uninstall and reinstall - no difference. Also tried different keyboards for input - Samsung and Swype Beta - no difference.

Input on my computer has not slowed down at all.

Anyone else? Any ideas?

Samsung Galaxy S3 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Evernote reinstalled updated current to Sept 4, 2012

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I have the same problem. Using Evernote for Android on 4.0.4.

Editing large notes is super slow on my phone, even notes without any formatting. Typing has a delay of around 2 seconds per character on notes that are 3000+ words. Quite crippling. Editing the same content in other programs like K9 mail is fine. The problem is consistent in EV using multiple soft keyboards and with a bluetooth keyboard.

I'm suspicious it's related to another problem on my phone.

I'm using a Chinese phone with an English ROM that seems to have a dictionary problem. All my words have red underlines when editting in Evernote and K9 Mail, but in Chrome the dictionary works okay. I wonder if there's some overhead there causing Evernote to slow down.

Evernote - could you please direct some of your awesomeness to this problem? Anything I can do to help you narrow down or reproduce this problem in your secret Evernote lab?

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Since the mandatory update from Evernote a couple of months ago, a few of my notes (4/8 total,) are 'very' slow to enter data.  


None of the notes are extensively long or have a lot of data in them.  All note entries worked fine until the update.  I have attempted to contact Evernote CS on several occasions with no success to a solution.  I think Evernote screwed this update up and I am disappointed after being told that Evernote was going to revolutionize the ability to create, sync and store notes well into the future.  As an old Palm fan and addict to it's notes capabilities, I am even more upset that Palm let us power users down.


I am finding that instead of progress in technology, there is regression.


If anyone has a solution to the slow input of notes in Evernote (post update,) please let me know.


Thank you,


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