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(Archived) OS X 10.6.8 Mac 3.3.0 upgrade result in Sync failure: unexpected transfer error



I know there are other threads on this. I have never found a good answer.

Upgrading Evernote on my Mac at work to 3.3.0 has made the same thing happen that happened at home.

'Sync failure: unexpected transfer error'

The only solution I can find in the forum is to delete the Evernote user-data folder and re-sync.

That's kind of OK, but it takes a long time and makes me want to stop upgrading the application. It'd be nice if this worked more reliably.

Is there an official answer to this?

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The Evernote team diligently tests each release for upgrade-related issues. Sometimes, things fall through the cracks but we do our best to minimize those issues.

As always, we do read the forums and respond to support requests.

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I am having the same issue. Every version of EN I have used so far has had a huge bug. Last version: user couldn't select multiple notes without the application crashing. This version: sync is broken. It just sync's endlessly (and only sync's some of the data) then tells you something is wrong. I've submitted two tickets on this. What I don't understand is how EN can let something as MAJOR as sync on the MAC platform (a major feature and a major platform) 'slip through the cracks' that's a strange, evasive, and very unhelpful response IMHO. As I get more and more committed to EN (more notes) I get more and more uncomfortable with their glitchy software. One gets the feeling that EN is not really excited about creating great software (their development strategy) as they are about their financial strategy.

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I received my ticket number today:

Ticket #16051-161508

It was of no help as I said when I opened the ticket: the activity log is blank at all times during the sync and I have many notes that have not synced so the second fix is no good to me either.

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...same issue - Evernote was syncing fine between iMac, Android and PC then after updating to Mac OSX 10.8 the Mac sync seemed to be broken. I waited for an update from Evernote, now installed, and Mac is still not syncing - will download from the server, won't upload anything.

Is this something common to others or do I need to get in touch with tech support?


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I opened a support ticket and did everything they suggested for two weeks without resolution. The only 'fix' they offered after that was to basically uninstall and reinstall evernote on mac, back up all my notes and then re-sync. Which I did, and because the original problem was syncing when I got to that stage EN broke down again.

The fact that I'm paying for 'premium' service doesn't mean that much to me. The fact that I have over 3000 notes in evernote and rely on it every day does... I run a Mac and use an iPhone and expect EN to work properly on these two very common platforms. Saying these two platforms 'slipped through the cracks' of EN testing is silly. If there was a good replacement for EN I would take a day off work and switch today since every EN version I have used has had a major problem on the Mac, but there isn't.

very frustrating.

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