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(Archived) import .enex notes to multiple pc's

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Is it posible to import a large .enex file to multiple pc's and then sync those pc's?

Or do i need to upload it from one pc and then download the notes again on all other pc's?

My user case:

I have a set of notes that I want to move to my work account.

There I have multiple pc's and I want those notes available on all clients ( without using the web interface )

It's a set of about a 1GB of notes, so I don't want to upload them on one pc and then download them on all other pc's.

I want the export I created imported on all pc's and then sync so I don't use the bandwidth so much.

Is this possible?



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You can export your files as .enex to a stick (or other medium) and then import them back to whatever PC you want (with EN installed).

File >> export >> enex

File >> import >> enex


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There are so many ways this could go wrong...

Since you can export and import databases in this way I see no reason why you couldn't share a static database around several machines by simply importing the file. However it would/ should be a 'read only' version, or carry a very heavy warning that changes will be lost - next time you delete the current version of that file and reinstall a new one. That's kinda going against all the functionality of Evernote and using it like DropBox. You could send additions to the 'master' file using the email input, but you can't edit or delete notes by either method.

If you're talking about a first time installation, when Evernote seems a bit paranoid about connecting to the web, I don't know whether you could install your database and avoid the need for any connection ever - it's easy enough to test on a sample machine, let us know what you find out!

But I bet you at least once sometime in the first 6 months you're going to be 'sure' you made a note of something that you can't now find anywhere...

Edit: pipped! :)

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Yes I was talking about a synced notebook.

So yes I can export and import the notebook and the content becomes locally available.

But NO that's not what I'm looking for. I want everything synced and available on every device.

Best thing would be local network synchronization so the bandwidth is saved ( like dropbox does ).

So I thought manual export and import would be an option to set it up for the first time.

For now my thoughts are that setting up an additional pc with the same export file will only create duplicate notes.

My solution I gonna be just let it sync over night ( or a couple of nights ) for the additional pc's and let it suck up the bandwidth...

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I want everything synced and available on every device....

This is what EN is designed to do & does well. Syncing is the best way to keep all devices in sync. (NPI). Importing enex files is more trouble than it's worth, when all you gave to do is sync.

EN has stated in the past they will not do device to device syncing. It's doubtful their stance will ever change on that, since the EN servers are considered the source of all truths.

BTW, since EN is not really set up for collaboration, I hope you are not intending to have multiple people editing notes (for the same account) on these various devices.

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