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(Archived) Suggestion: Evernote Geo

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I've been looking for a tool that lets me take notes on a map. A tool that lets me zoom in and out of the map to take notes on different features, different locations, and different cities. Currently, I'm using Evernote for research to develop an airline, and would love to have this tool to allow me to make the notes Ive written out come to life by making my comments on cities appear on a map, so I could draw potential routes, analyze airports, and locate potential hubs. I thought it would be great if Evernote would make a product like this.

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If you fill in the location tag on your notes, the Android client shows you a 'mapped' index with a number at that location showing the number of notes saved. Click the number to see the notes. Would be good to harmonise that across all clients.. Otherwise I think Google Maps would help you do what you want, and you could link your map entry back to your Evernote note.

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^^^ You can do this on Evernote IOS too. At the moment though, the easiest clients to change out lat/longs are on Mac/Windows--IOS (at least) has a pin mover, which is a little clunky if you're looking to edit lots of note locations. The map is another view associated with your account or a single notebook.

The lines could be created directly in google maps, and you could probably export that out into a KML file--the tricky part would be overlaying the line information with our note information, I know of nothing that would let you do an overlay like that. It would be cool to provide an "view in google maps" option on the Web version, and perhaps maintain the same drawing tools associated with Google Maps.

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