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(Archived) how to tag when emailing a note into evernote???

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I will also be interested in the answer to this. I reckon the answer is that you can't, but I would certainly find it very useful to be able to do some more sophisticated things (automatically, without further manual work) when adding stuff to evernote by email, for example choosing tags, choosing notebook, creating checkboxes, etc.


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I too would REALLY REALLY like this feature.

On flickr, you can just add the text "tags: mom dad dog" when emailing and the tags are automatically added to the entry. If you could add this functionality to evernote I'd be very pleased!

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Evernote 2.2 had an auto-Tag feature, which was removed due to the way Evernote 3.x indexes things.

You can encode a keyword into the text of the note, and then when it has been added into Evernote, search for that keyword. Make it relatively unique, like "kitten29402", and you'll be able to run a search within Evernote for all notes that contain that keyword. You can then drag them to your selected tag.

It's a workaround, but, only because it works :D

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