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(Archived) REQUEST: Check Multiple Folders as Available Offline


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Hi ivofarcry, welcome to the forum :)

Yes, this is something that has been requested before. As I understand it, this functionality (select all) is available in the iOS clients, and it would be nice to have it in the Android clients too.

Hopefully the devs consider it ;)


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Also along the same lines, to be able to select a stack to make all the notebooks in the stack available offline. The way it is now, I have to choose each one, then the list kind of jumps to a funny place and I have to scroll down, then I choose, then it jumps etc. One of my stacks has about 15 notebooks, so this is very tedious. ICS on Galaxy Note.

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I was a premium user in the past. But ever since evernote yanked this feature downloading notes for offline access is a misery and i have stopped using the premium version and in the process of experimenting with one note.

its very difficult to use it at work as I work in a larger building and getting network access is difficult most of the times.

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