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(Archived) Widgets launch Evernote in wrong mode


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I have the Evernote widget placed on my home screen. Most of the icons in it usually launch Evernote in the wrong edit mode. For example, if I press the Skitch icon, it may launch Evernote in camera mode, or just display some pre-existing note. If I press camera, it may just display a new text note. It seems almost random in nature but is usually reproducable -- I rarely get what I wanted when I press the button. The problem seems to occur no matter if I have one icon or multiple icons on my widget. I use what I believe to be the "new" widget, not the old one. Any help would be appreciated -- this problem makes the widget unusable, unfortunately. I run the official Jelly Bean image and my phone is a Galaxy Nexus. I am a developer too (though not for Android) so will help in any way that I can. Would appreciate it if the team could look into this, also, I'd like to hear if others also discovered this problem and/or found a workaround.

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