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(Archived) Two simple things that would change my user's life and make Evernote a better world


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I love your software and would like not to be refrained from loving it still and again. Two simple modifications could make my user life so much more enjoyable, though.

1. More direct and easier access to tagging field on the Windows version

I mainly use Evernote as a GTD tool. It worked quite decently on my former Mac.

Now that I have switched to Windows, a simple feature fails to make Evernote as handy as it used to be:

when I created a new note, the title appeared to be the first editable field. Then, I could get direct access to the tagging field by clicking on "tab" (The first letters of the tag's name suffice to add the note to the wished category). Another click on "tab" eventually brought me to the main text box. As I mainly use Evernote for short and quick memo, this configuration was ideal. No mouse clicks were required to add a new tagged memo to my notebook, it could be done only in few seconds.

However, Evernote configuration for Windows 7 is now unsatisfying:

When I create a new note, the first editable field is the main text box. As I cannot go back to the title through a shortcut, I have to click manually on title field. From there, I then only get access to URL text box by clicking on "tab" (I only use URLs when clipping so it has virtually no uses to provide me a so quick access to this). If I want to tag my note, I either have to select the tagging field manually by mouse or with the alt + ctrl + T shortcut. This shortcut is not appropriate for quick memos as I have to access the text field manually: I don't want to select tags, I would simply like to get access to the tagging field in one click (same as on mac)!

The simplest way to make me happy would be to switch (and to make "switchable") the "click to set source url..." button with "click to add tag" so that I could directly process to tagging by clicking on "tab" from the title field. Frankly, I don't understand why is the manual insertion of URL sources prioritised over the tagging.

2. Screen rotation on Android

I am the proud owner of a Samsung SIII. I use the landscape layout to type my text. Why is Evernote non-responsive to screen rotation?

Thank you very much for your product and I hope it will help you to improve it.

Best regards,


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In the Windows note editor: Use the F3 shortcut key to set focus to the Tag field of the active note. This is from the Knowledge Base article on Windows client shortcut keys: http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/23168552

Android: screen rotation appears to work fine in note editor on the Kindle Fire. May be a tablet vs. phone capability.

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