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(Archived) Putting photos from travel into one note

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I have imported lots of individual photos into Evernote from iPhoto, from a recent vacation. I have also started a diary of the trip, including photos. How do I easily import the individual photos on Evernote, into the main diary?

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I'm guessing you are trying to have the photos you took (now as separate notes) embedded within the text of your travel diary, which is a single Evernote note. One way to achieve this would be to merge the main diary note with the photo notes, then cut and paste the photos into the appropriate locations in the text. However, as BnF suggests, this is likely to quickly expand the note to the size limit. This sort of editing is not really EN's forté. As Grumpy Monkey talks about in another post, EN is primarily a 'container' for stuff. There are several options you might like to try:

  1. Create your diary in a traditional word processing or desktop publishing package, then save as a PDF for import into EN. This will look nice, but is perhaps the most time consuming.
  2. Keep the text of the diary in a note, the way you have it, and use embedded links to jump to the pictures (search the forum for "Create note link" for help on doing this). In the Windows desktop client (and the Mac?) there is a 'back' button you can use to return to the text.
  3. Create tag(s) characterising the holiday (sorry, vacation!) and use this to retrieve everything when you wish to reminisce! If the created dates of the photos are accurate, you will be able to display the photos in chronological order and it might work almost as well as the traditional approach. Caption the photos (using the note title) to prompt your memories. Ideally, I'd have one day per note rather than having the whole trip in a big chunk of text.

A combination of (2) and (3) will probably work - it just depends how structured you want it to be!

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