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Tried to do a quick search (Google & Forums) and had the question, "How does Evernote handle cursive handwriting?" I recently saw the new Moleskin Evernote(books) and am intrigued & interested in them. (Although I want Android support ASAP.) So...

How does Evernote handle cursive handwriting?

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Hi. Welcome to the forums!

In my opinion, it varies with the individual. From the Evernote server's point of view, my printed handwriting is totally illegible. My cursive handwriting is even worse. I scanned in a notecard today, and only three numbers in the entire thing were correctly OCR'd I am afraid. None of the words were OCR'd correctly. Is this an Evernote problem? I don't know. That doesn't seem fair, considering how poorly I write. To get a sense of what my fist looks like, see the screenshots on this page (http://www.princeton.edu/~cmayo/reviewhandwriting.html).

Even if you have handwriting as atrocious as mine, I think you'll find the Moleskine notebooks an interesting proposition, because with the stickers you can still have everything tagged for you.

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Thanks for the response and warm welcome.

While I wasn't able to see the writing samples from your link, I believe it then becomes more of how well you tag and enter a descriptive text of your handwritten notes. This is what I figured. OCR with handwriting is cool nonetheless.

I am a fan of Acrobat's OCR for creating PDF from print documents. Seems to work really well in my past experience.

The Moleskine notebooks will still face the same problems, but again cool. I like to use Moleskine already so I will consider it on the next purchase.


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