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(Archived) Evernote Clip Embedded in Posts

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The Evernote Noteworthy Blog has a neat feature that I would love to embed into my class web site. At the top of each post, there is this icon — article-clipper.png. Is there a code snippet that would allow users to have this on their own site?

I ask because I encourage students to use Evernote for collecting research and having article-clipper.png in my posts may encourage them to adopt the technology even faster.


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Hi hackettt,

This is the "Site Memory" feature.


This was released some time ago, and any links pointing to it seem to redirect to the developer pages and I can't seem to find any references to it there.

Not sure if it is still supported or not (From what I can tell, it still works, but there is no documentation that I can find)


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Well, at least we know now. :)

If I recall, the point of it correctly, the main focus was article clipping (you chose a the name of the div in which the article was contained and it would clip that). Now we have clearly for that type of thing...

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A shame that Evernote killed this feature! I liked it, and I know that the technology still works. Here is a code snippet. Just replace the XXX with useful content. I forgot what "code" was standing for, but it is simply my name.

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://static.evernote.com/noteit.js"></script>

<a href="#" onclick="Evernote.doClip({contentId:'xxxxxx',providerName:'xxxxxxx',code:'xxxxx',suggestTags:'xxxx, xxxx'}); return false;"><img src="http://static.evernote.com/article-clipper-remember.png" alt="Clip to Evernote" /></a>


I hope this helps.

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