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(Archived) IPHONE and Windows PC.... compatable?

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Is evernote capable of transfering data between a WINDOWS PC at home and sinc with an IPHONE?

Trying to make flashcards at home but don't have an IPAD, or a MAC. (and don't want to buy one)

Flashcards are for school and use be using jpg pictures.....would this be a problem?

thanks.. btw this is my first day reasearching this question.


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Hi. Welcome to the forums!

Here is how the Evernote system works. Let's say you make a note on a PC. That note is synced (copied to) Evernote's servers (the "cloud"). When you use Evernote on your iPhone, it connects with the servers to view a note. If you make changes on your iPhone, those are synced to Evernote's servers. When you get back home and turn on your PC, it connects with the servers and syncs any changes (copies them) from Evernote's servers. In other words, the two devices never communicate directly with one another. They both go through the servers, so you could be using an Android or Apple phone. It doesn't matter.

As for flashcards, well that is a whole other ball of wax. Have you seen Evernote Peek?


Sadly (and I do mean sadly), Evernote Peek is not available on the iPhone. Is this your primary device? If so, I would recommend a flashcard program like gFlash (my favorite). I use Evernote a lot for review and study of materials, but I like to use my iPhone, and I think a flashcard app is probably your best bet for this use case. My problem with this recommendation is that it splits up your data into two locations (in my case, Google Docs and Evernote). I really dislike that, but I think this is probably the best solution until Peek gets an update.

I hope other users have suggestions for how to use Evernote with flashcards, because it is something I have wanted to do as well.

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