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(Archived) "Invalid or expired authentication...." Help please?


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Hi, I have WEb Clipper installed (as well as desktop Evernote). I often use the web clipper using the two finger tap (left click) on my MacBook. It will work a long time, then I get this message: "Unable to save..." (name of item)..."Invalid or expired authentication. Please sign in using the toolbar button, and try again."

Alright, so when I click on the tool bar (bottom) Evernote icon it opens and I'm obviously signed in - it shows my notebooks, etc. Then if I try to click on the tiny black Evernote icon at the top of the laptop window "tool bar", it just gives me a drop down menu with a lot of options, including "Quit" at the bottom. So, I am obviously signed in.

How do I fix it so I don't get this message?? I can't even see where to relog-in! Help? I hope someone can respond soon!! :)

Thank you so much!!


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