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(Archived) Photo Uploads

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I use a lot of photos in my evernote. I have noticed that when I pull something from online or copy a photo from a website, the photos are much smaller than when I upload a picture from a phone or ipad. Essentially, the photos from my personal devices tend to be much too large and I always have to go in and manually adjust them down in each individual note editor. Is there a reason for the difference in photo sizes that has an easy fix? Is this something I can fix in evernote, or is it my phone that needs its settings adjusted....?


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Images used on websites are typically smaller (file size wise) than digital camera/camera phone images. This is for a couple of reasons. One is in order to make load times faster. Another is because lower res photos look fine on most monitors.

You will need to resize your camera/camera phone images using an app of your choice, if you want to upload smaller files. Please use the search function if you need more info for any apps for your OS, as this has been discussed a lot on the board already.

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