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(Archived) Tracking how often a shared note is viewed?




I have single notes that I share with people, by copying the share URL and pasting into an e-mail to them. Is it possible to somehow track how often someone views those? They are written posts with information and I'm curious if the people who get them are reading them and how often.

Is this something I need to do outside of evernote? I am not good at using code in posts, but do take direction well, lol. If you have any suggestions or thoughts on the best way to do something like this, I'd appreciate it!

(I did see something like that in this post: http://discussion.ev...blic-notebooks/)

But it deals with public notebooks. These are just single notes I choose from various notebooks I have in EN, that I want to share individually.

I hope this makes sense and I look forward to your thoughts!

Thanks so much!

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