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typing korean character in window version.

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I have a problem during typing korean character on Evernote windows version I think it's most recent released version.

When I put some korean character and backspace, garbage(exactly initial consonant character of last one)

For example, If I type '한글' and multiple backspace, 'ㄱ' is appeared after cursor.

This behavior did not exist in old version and my iPhone.

Is there anybody know how to fix it? It'll be appreciated for any information.


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Thanks for reporting this problem. It's a bug in our IME text entry in version 4.5.8. It will be fixed in our 4.5.9 beta. The only workaround in 4.5.8 is to manually delete the extraneous character.

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Hi, I've noticed that its been almost two years since Evernote released their response, and the bug still hasn't been fixed. 

It's a huge disappointment. Working in a media company, it's terrible to have to rewrite everything after arriving back in the office, because of such a seemingly small and overlooked problem. All my colleagues have tried (and failed) to adapt to using Evernote. It would be wonderful if Evernote could stand up to their promise and fix the problem once and for all. 


I've also noticed a lot of angry Korean users on the Korean site, who talk about how this problem hasn't been fixed for more than TWO YEARS....

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I'm using Evernote with Windows 10. And unfortunately, this bug still hasn't been fixed. 

I noticed that it's only the desktop app that doesn't allow me to type or copy/paste in Korean. If I use the online version of Evernote I can type with Korean at least...

Still disappointing though. 

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