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(Archived) search syntax for entries older than specified range



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Hi flyingdesigner, welcome to the forum :)

A good resource for search information:


You can use variations of the created: search term.

For example, from the above page:

Note the negative before the search. This says to exclude everything created this month, therefore include everything before this month.


Matches notes that were created before this month

You could also be more specific with the dates, replacing "month" with a specific date and combining them, as shown in the link.


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Correct, stacks work the same as notebooks.

From the link:

Scope modifiers

notebook:[nb name] - will match notes in a notebook with the provided name. This must be the first term in the search. Name matching is case-insensitive. Since notebooks have exclusive relationships with notes, at most one notebook can be provided for the search.

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