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Master Life’s Juggling Act: Maximize Daily Productivity with Evernote, GTD and a Daily Portfolio


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This is a blog post I published a while back. It describes a simple GTD method to track projects and also incorporates a daily portfolio based off this GTD method. All done in Evernote of course! Check it out. Let me know what you think, or if you have recommedations.



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Hi Evernote and GTD lovers,

I'm Karol, the CEO of OneMln, the developer of www.everdo.it

EverDo.it is an app that allows you to create tasks / events out of notes or part of them. It also allows you to put an event / task to your calendar. The iPad version will be available this month. So to sum it up - EverDo.it adds the GTD experience to Evernote :-)

You're all invited to comment on our GTD app for Evernote lovers

Would really appreciate your feedback!



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