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(Archived) Editing and effect on quota

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If I have a note with a 40MB attachment (!) sitting in my evernote account, and I then make a tiny amendment to it (for example to check a checkbox), will this use up my entire monthly quota again because the whole note is effectively re-added?

And will it make a difference whether I make that amendment on the web interface (already uploaded) or on the windows/mac client (needs to be uploaded again)?


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A note may only have up to 25MB of attachments (images, PDFs, etc.), but this should otherwise work the way you'd expect:

If you make a new note in the service via any mechanism (sync client, clip from mobile, email, web UI, etc.), then the full size of that note will count against your monthly allowance.

If you edit an existing note, then you'll be "billed" for any NEW resources that are attached, and you'll be billed for the difference in the quantity of text if the note gets bigger. So if you had a note with a 24MB PDF in it and you just edited a little bit of text, then the impact on your allowance would be negligible. However, if you took the resource out, edited it, and then put it back in, the size of the edited resource would be deducted from your allowance.

For this purpose, it doesn't matter whether the edit the note on the client or on the web ... the accounting happens when the note is saved into our database on the server.

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I hate to bump an old topic, but I'm still a little unsure about the effect of editing on the monthly quota. Even with my premium subscription, I'm worried that using EN as a sync tool will quickly lead to depletion of my 500 MB quota. In the answer to the previous question, it was mentioned that editing a small amount of text in a note with a large attachment would result in only the small changes counting toward the quota. However, what if the attachment (let's say 5 MB worth) itself is opened via the link within the note, edited, and then synced? Will the entire 5+ MB of the newly edited file be counted against the quota, or just the portion above and beyond the original 5 MB?

Thanks for your time.

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If you open a file attachment, edit it, and then save the results back to Evernote, then the client needs to transmit that entire file up to our service. This will count against your monthly upload allowance.

If you were to just edit some of the text of the note itself within our editor, without touching an of the attachments, we could transmit just the note changes without resending the edited file.

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