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(Archived) Bug?!: Note Browsing History full of duplicates



I don't know whether this also applies to the Windows version, but on my Mac the "Note Browsing History" is always full of duplicates.

It seems to have something to do with note editing. When I just click on notes A, B, C and D, the history correctly shows A, B, C, D. But when I edit note A, it starts to appear several times in note browsing history.

This is very annoying when navigating. You have to click on back several times before anything happens or you have to open the note browsing history's list (by click and hold "back" or "forward" button) and scroll through dozens of repetitions.

Steps to reproduce:

  • create note with title "note A"
  • enter text in body e.g.
    • hello
    • this
    • is
    • note
    • A

    [*]Open note browsing history (click and hold "back")

    [*]contains four entries (or similar) of "note A"

Using latest Evernote for Mac version 3.3.0 (300201) on Mountain Lion (same behavior already on Lion).

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I just tested this on my Windows machine at work (latest Evernote on Win7 64). It seems to work here. But it kind of shows another awkward behavior. When I visit some notes and then navigate back and forth, the entries in note browsing history disappear:

Steps to reproduce

  • select some notes, one after another (ideally from different notebooks, I guess)
  • press "back" until it gets disabled
  • pres "forward" until it gets disabled
  • repeat 2+3
  • after some back and forth, notes are removed from note browsing history, i.e. less notes are visited using back and forward

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