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(Archived) Question about the Evernote store.

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Hello everyone! ;-)

I hope this is the right place to ask this.

I ordered stickers from the evernote store and received an email on July 25 saying they had shipped and it's now August 25 and I still haven't received them..

I was just wondering if anyone has ordered from there before and know how long shipping usually takes?

Thanks :-)

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Hi - this Forum doesn't have a specific connection with the store other than that Evernote employees get to read the posts. Try adding your order reference here so someone can pass a reminder along. I assume you've emailed and/ or called any support contacts in the email you received...

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@Gazumped I wasn't able to find a support/Contact in the email it was a very basic email

I've been looking for a contact number for a couple of days now but haven't been able to find one

Thank you for the reply :-)

Hi. Welcome to the forums!

According to the site, it is the same process we use for all Evernote products: "For support questions or refund requests regarding your Evernote account, please use our Support form at http://evernote.com/contact/support/"

They'll get you sorted out :)

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