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android (Archived) Feature Request

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Following that link http://blog.evernote...s-and-evernote/

or actually this pic:


Currently Im using android version on my smartphone. The screen isnt that big but I guess I would be able to sketch some basic charts or prepare those "smiling curves". This happens to be useful while taking notes i.e on a lecture. And that applies for windows version too!

Currently, when I know Im going to encounter some diagrams I must use OneNote, then import the note to Evernote. This sux.

How about implementing to the usual notemaking feature to just hand draw some shapes? both on android and PC!



just couple topics below:


exactly! 2nd that

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You can use Skitch with Evernote on Android to add an hand drawn picture to a note.

In the note editor, select the heart shaped icon in the tool bar.

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Forgive me if this feature already exists, and I don't know how to use it.

I'd like the ability to edit a note from the point I'm reading. Currently, if I'm in the middle of a note and notice a spelling error, for instance, and I tap the "edit" button, it auto-scrolls to the beginning of the note and then allows me to edit. Problem is, I'm now quite a long way from where I was reading and it's extremely tedious trying to scroll back to that mistake using the much-smaller text window the editing feature provides.

Is this a feature that can be added (I'm using the latest version of the Android app on a Galaxy S3), or am I missing functionality that's already there? Thanks!

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