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(Archived) Attaching a better mic to phone or ipad?

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Hi! I have really been enjoying the evernote recording feature lately, and was wondering if anyone had any experience connecting a better mic than the built-in one to a smartphone or ipad. I would love to bring my phone and a mic to a jam session or music lesson to make a recording and then integrate it with my evernote ecosystem, but the sound quality on the mics apple and other companies build into their stuff is sorely lacking.

Is there a product like a bluetooth microphone that could quick-and-easy boost my audio recording quality? I tried google and amazon, but all the results I got were headsets.


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Before you invest in a better mic, try recording via the built-in iOS Voice Memos app, from which you can then email your recording into EN (unless it's too big - then you'll have to sync to your desktop first...). The quality of audio recorded by EN is sadly lacking, and a better microphone is not the answer. If recording quality is still sub-par for you using the higher quality audio of Voice Memos (or other apps for that matter) then looking into other options could make sense. Blue has some very cool looking mics that plug right into iPhones & iPads.

With every EN update I cross my fingers that a user definable option for better audio will be included for audio (in a similar vein to Page mode in the camera or the many options for stylizing text) that allows us to choose between small file sizes or higher quality. In fact, on every blog post that features a musician and songwriter, I assume such a feature announcement will finally be made, but alas...

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