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(Archived) I want to share notebook but only allow one sharer to modify

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I am a premium user.

1. First question. I have shared a notebook with someone which contains 10 notes can I allow them to modify one note only? I know I can allow them to modify the notebook but this would allow them to modify all 10 notes which I do not want.

2. I have shared a notebook with 5 users, what i want to do is allow one of those users only to be able to modify the all the notes.

All suggestions or work around's welcome.

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Hi. Welcome to the Forums. You have some rather specific permission requests, and I don't think the first one is possible. You could invite your user to send suggested changes back to you for that note, or move the note to another notebook which is also shared with that user with permissions to edit; but in the context of one notebook that's just not doable.

The second is easier - share the notebook twice; once with the four view-only bodies, and again with the individual with full permissions.

Do stress to everyone who may be editing your notebooks that they (and you) should sync before and after each edit session to make sure you're working on the latest version of any note and not an older copy. If you see a 'conflicting changes' notebook popping up, it means you're saving changes to something that someone else already changed; which tends to be bad.

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