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(Archived) Moving between notes in the same notebook quickly

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Apologies if this is the wrong sub-forum.

My request has already been made but the op seemed to upset a number of people


so I thought I'd make the case again.

I've discovered your product and have been using it for over a month. Very nice thanks. Took a while to figure out I could get 3 deep but now I'm there and have the notebook complexity I needed.

Most of what I use I drive from favourites. So each day I'm jumping back and forth among 3 or 5 main topics. One of them is a daily notebook so each day I copy the last day into the notebook and remove the items that don't stay from day to day.

Because I'm doing a lot of stuff I have limited deskspace so F11 and F10 get rid of the extra headings and I just work within a note. But I'd like to go back to yesterday. Or the day before. Then back again.

Quickly. Without bringing up lists and moving between them.

I'd love it if you added a hotkey that lets us move up and down the notes in a notebook without leaving the note-view. Like just paging back and forth in a real book. Please consider adding it - I'll try to fake it with Autohotkey but a native version would be great.

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For anyone who needs to do it with autohotkey the following script can be assigned to a key and will put you at the top of a notebook so that up and down arrows move you through the notes. Tab, Tab will take you to the chosen note for editing.

Then hit your hotkey again to take you back to the top so you can move around again. Not as nice as a hotkey that just made it possible to scroll through from the current note but a start.


SendPlay, {F11}


MouseClick, left, 100, 200, 1


SendPlay, {Home}

SendPlay, {F11}


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I've red some posts about this issue but didn't found a solution.

I really need shortcuts for quickly switching to the next and previous note in the notebook of the current note that has edit focus. On my OSX Macbook I have no F11 or F12, so shortcuts like Cmd+Shift+] or Cmd+Shift+[ would simply solve this. That can't be hard to implement?


Similar solutions can be found in applications like "Sublime Text 2", "Coda 2", "OmniGraffle" etc.

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